China’s Goal: World Conquest By James Reed

     I am not over-reacting, for words to this effect have appeared in the mainstream press: The Australian, October 18, 2017, p. 11.  There it is said that Xi Jinping is rapidly building China into a 21st century totalitarian state.  It is noted that Chairman Mao’s 30 years, which killed millions, is not viewed with any guilt, but accepted as not inferior to the next 30 years of modernisation.  In fact, Xi has taken Mao further building a society of complete IT surveillance. Yes, that is the nation which is set to build a city on our shores.

     What is done in China will ultimately be mirrored in the world as China hopes to rise to global domination. Xi champions globalism, while not practicing it for China which is the most protectionist country in the world, comprised of state run enterprises.

     Xi champions human rights, but in Xi’s 19th Communist Party Congress address on October 18, 2017, walked away from human rights issues, rejected Western liberalism and reindorsed socialism “with Chinese characteristics”: The Australian, October 19, 2017, p. 1.

     Be afraid. Be afraid that our politicians and business elite have sold us out. Australian leaders in the pre-World War II era, would have found this situation utterly unbelievable. It produces a sickening feeling in one’s stomach, much like when a doctor tells you that the test results are positive, and that you had better get your affairs in order, quickly.

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Monday, 06 April 2020
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