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China’s Genocide? Why are the Australian Progressives Not Getting Angry about China’s Treatment of the Muslim Uighurs? By James Reed

     Everyone knows that I am a fair minded person, who calls a spade a digging instrument. So, what do you think a reasonable person would say about China’s treatment of the Muslim Uighurs? If that person was reading our pro-China mainstream press, one would be met with ignorance. But, the truth is out there, and with some struggle I did manage to find a reference to this on the ABC:

“As reports of the forced detention and brainwashing of up to one million ethnic Uighurs continue to emerge from China's Xinjiang autonomous region, the ABC has heard a rare account from a witness who has been inside a camp. Tarim, whose second name we have withheld, bribed his way into one of the "training" centres reserved for the Muslim minority, to see his sister, who was detained in 2016. She is being held in the facility outside Aksu City, in western Xinjiang (also known as Turkistan), which Tarim described as a "concentration camp". "It was April and there was snow in some parts, and I saw about 500 persons on the concrete, on the ground," he told PM in his native language, through a translator in Sydney. "And also there were about 700 or so people … in the queue to get food, and at the same time they were singing patriotic songs: I love Communist Party, I love Xi Jinping."

China denies it is holding people in concentration camps and claims it is taking security measures to fight terrorism in Xinjiang, where tensions between the Han Chinese and the Muslim Uighurs have run high for more than a century. But Tarim rejects China's explanations. "The concentration camps are not just designed to eliminate Uighur culture and language. "People are talking about 1 million in concentration camps, but in my estimate, it is about 5 million people who are taken into camps."

     The figures are impossible to verify. The eyewitness report comes as concerns mount about the way the Chinese Government is dealing with Uighur children. Dozens of orphanages have been set up in Xinjiang in recent months, in an alleged effort by Beijing to systematically distance young Muslims from their families and culture. Children are being removed even when their families are willing to care for them, according to Financial Times Beijing correspondent, Emily Feng.

     This shows what China is capable of, essentially not embracing liberal/enlightenment values, but instead, a more Darwinian ethno-nationalism philosophy. While interfering in China’s internal affairs, is beyond Western capacities, we should be extremely cautious of a power that so easily commits possibly a million people to concentration camps. Further, we can also see the hypocrisy of the modern Left in the West, who are oh so sensitive to immigration control issues, but utterly ignore the activities of their master, China. The Left is hyper-selective when it comes to human rights issues, supporting only those rights, and humans, that are in their immediate political interests,  except for a few genuine people from the Left, who have spoken out, and faced the predictable smears from the mindless zombies of the Left:

     Never mind that China interferes in national elections, as president Trump has said, while the progressives are hyper-sensitive to Russia:



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Friday, 29 May 2020
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