China’s Electromagnetic Rail guns By James Reed

     I have been reporting for some months on the frightening military advances made by Russia, but China is competing in the scary stakes, now having almost science fiction weapons, mounted and ready to roll:

“The Type 072II Yuting-class tank landing ship Haiyangshan has set sail for possible testing in the open ocean.  The navy warship is equipped with what appears to be an electromagnetic railgun. According to Science Alert, the weapon mounted on the warship was seen along the Yangtze River at the Wuchang Shipyard in Wuhan earlier this year. According to a separate report by Task & Purpose, the latest photos of the test bed ship, which appeared on social media a few days ago, show the ship mounted with the suspected railgun on the vessel as it roams the high seas. China’s futuristic electromagnetic railgun may already be the most powerful cannon to ever roam the high seas and is ahead of schedule. New photos appear to show the railgun perched on the bow of its test ship at sea. Chinese media outlets, such as the state-affiliated Global Times, revealed in March that nearly two months after the first pictures of what was dubbed the “Yangtze River Monster” showed up online, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy is “making notable achievements on advanced weapons, including sea tests of electromagnetic railguns.”

     In June, a U.S. intelligence assessment estimated that the Chinese military planned on using its own version of the electromagnetic railgun on naval vessels as early as 2025, far outstripping the Pentagon’s efforts to develop its own version of the much-hyped supergun.”

     This weapon fires matter at hyper-velocities, many times the velocity of sound, using electromagnetic energy. It is thus capable of destruction far beyond conventional weapons. Thus, the US, and Australia are being left far behind. A concern with multiculturalism and ethno-racial displacement has led to the situation where the West, what remains of it, will have no chance of putting up even a reasonable fight, if it comes to it, against Russia, let alone China. Russia, as well, has developed hypersonic missiles which the US probably has nothing to stop. It will indeed be dark, if not final times, for the West:



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Sunday, 25 October 2020
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