Charlottesville: The American Experiment Ends Rather Badly By Charles Taylor

     It is now the aftermath of the Charlottesville riots. If you read only the mainstream media, you would be reading that a group of neo-Nazis bashed poor innocent antifa folks, who were holding flowers, and then a crazed killer drove around killing people in his Mad Max car, or nearly that bad.

     Let’s start with the killing of Heather Heyer by 20-year-old James Alex Fields. Of course, the media was quick to portray this tragic event as a deliberate murder by a Nazi. Fields may or may not have been a Nazi, but it does not follow that he committed murder, and nor does this annul his legal rights. There is a case that he was attacked by antifa prior to the event and sped off to save himself, accidentally killing Heyer:

     Here you can see the antifa attack prior to the car hitting Heyer:

     Once upon a time, people were presumed to be innocent until proven guilty, but notice how the mainstream media have just assumed that Fields is guilty of murder with no trial at all. That pretty much sums up the situation today with respect to the media, who selectively pick what suits their agenda. If an antifa had killed a “Nazi,” I imagine that the story would be vastly different.

     However, one should not feel too sorry for some of the Right wing protesters, who sickly, really seem to have celebrated the tragic death of this young woman:

     Such nasty sentiments completely undermine any support that ordinary people would feel for them, and will guarantee more violence. It is certainly a tragic state of affairs on both sides, and a difficult one to cover journalistically. The loss of any human life is something which should fill decent persons with sadness, not gladness.

     President Trump is not much better than the Left. He eventually denounced Right wing groups by name without denouncing by name Left groups and the antifa. But, numerous eyewitness accounts indicate that the same old pattern of Deep State violence was committed: close down the rally then shut off police so that antifa, with illegal masks are free to attack nationalists with all matter of weapons. One fellow, called “Baked Alaska” had acid thrown into his eyes by antifa, and may have permanent eye damage, if not blindness:

     Trump did not condemn this, nor has he ever condemned the antifa who bashed his supporters during the election, or those who bashed a Black women guarding his star on Hollywood Boulevard:

     Nor did Trump condemn the attack on a disabled supporter, who was kidnapped and tortured:

     Antifa protesters had signs at the Charlottesville protest “killing Nazis is my heritage,” and calls were made by media personalities for the “lynching” of fascists:

     These are hardly the acts of friendly law-abiding folk, and the vicious attacks provide further evidence.

     It is surprising that only one person died. Here are images of antifa violence:

     Cultural critics such as Roosh have described the Charlottesville event as a disaster for the Right (article cited above). However, even if there were no folks with extreme symbols present, the groups would still be condemned by the Establishment. Trump is attacked as a fascist. Anybody opposing anything, in any way of the Left agenda is an enemy. So, in the end, it just does not matter.

     The Left and antifa are little more than puppets of the globalists, and serve their interests whether they are aware of it or not. Thus, Merkel is set to double German’s refugee intake, and says that Germany can and will cope: The Globalists want this as part of their plan to create a New World Order, peopled by the universalist-brown man. The Left probably feel the same, but go on about warm and fuzzy delusions like social justice, while beating up anyone objecting.

     It has been observed that from a sociobiological perspective, based on “ancient, instinctual pathways,” that  all of  this cannot turn out well:

     The Chinese naturally enough, have capitalised on the incident:

     We live in interesting times.

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Monday, 24 February 2020
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