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Charlie Teo: Neurosurgeon reveals why he left his own charity

     “A SHOCKING amount of charity donations are spent on admin costs rather than the cause, Professor Charlie Teo claims.
Ben Graham, <>  November 18, 20179:02pm
     BIG charities in Australia are spending up to 98 per cent of donations on themselves instead of their causes, says Professor Charlie Teo.
The globally renowned neurosurgeon walked away from the brain cancer charity he set up in 2003, because of the huge amount of money spent on administration.
     Charities have burgeoned into a $103 billion industry in Australia which now accounts for almost 10 per cent of the workforce, he said in an interview with Weekend Sunrise.

“People don’t quite understand that a lot of the money they donate, hard-earned money, goes to the running of the charity and not to the cause itself,” the 60-year-old told the show.
“The defence is they need to spend this amount of money to run the charity. I can tell you I think that is untrue.
“The public would object if they knew the CEOs were driving a company car, putting it in company space, travelling first class, doing any travel at all.
“It is all about volunteerism. It is all about the cause, not the running of the charity itself. There is no reason why these cannot run lean.”
He pointed to ACNC figures which show some of Australia’s big charities are spending up to 98 per cent of donations on running costs....”



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Monday, 06 July 2020
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