Time for Cucked Men to Grow Up By Mrs Vera West

     As my research and writing focus is on feminism and related issues, I read neo-masculinity sites like Matt Forney and Roosh v.  There are some very good articles, some bad ones, but most, well, it’s just another day on the internet. On the more “intellectual” sites we sometimes find articles on the “women problem,’ with this example from Émile Durand: https://www.counter-currents.com/2017/07/faustian-civilization-and-the-new-patriarchy/

     The message is that women need to give white men a break from the female version of the cultural wars so that the process of civilisation-building can go on. Otherwise, well, things will fall apart.

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Michael Moore: A Living Symbol of the Leftist Mind By Charles Taylor

     Socialist film maker Michael Moore has said that he is looking forward to the day when Whites are a minority in America: https://www.fastcompany.com/40459122/michael-moore-says-trump-is-on-track-to-win-again-in-2020. He seems to think, if that is the word, that when Whites are a minority in America, the Democrats will be eternally in power and will establish a socialist paradise, or something along those lines.

     Moore’s position is deluded on many levels, as the better argument is that civil war will occur, and is already occurring. Moore’s worldview does not permit taking in facts, such as the largely unreported war between Blacks and Hispanics in many US suburbs. But, I don’t want to discuss ethno-race issues here.

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But, Why Has it Been Left to the Left? By Mrs Vera West

     Reflecting on the LGBTI – have I forgotten any letters – Kevin Donnelly says: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/opinion/wear-it-purple-day-and-other-culturalleft-moves-sending-us-puce/news-story/7c3252539f51320173ef3ab78aa38718

“Given the re-emergence of the Safe Schools program, a NSW primary school putting on a Stolen Generations play where children dress as nuns and victimise Aboriginal children, and the Australian Education Union’s campaign to promote the LGBTI Wear it Purple Day, there’s no doubt that the cultural left now dominates our education system.

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The Violent, Insane Antifa By Chris Knight

     The latest street violence in America, at the Berkeley conservative Patriot Prayer Group Protest Against Marxism in America, clearly showed that it is the Left who are the ones seeking a violent overthrow of society, or maybe they just want to destroy for destruction’s sake? There were no so-called “racists” and/or Alt Right at the rally at all, but still the antifa went mad. Here are photos of them having their usual temper tantrums:

     The organiser of the rally is apparently transgender and politically correct, except for being against Marxism:

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Troubles in Transgender Paradise By A Boy Called Sue (Psss…It’s Uncle Len, in Disguise!)

     I have nothing against transgender people – some of my best friends are transgender. It means having blue hair, doesn’t it? There are lots of such ladies in the nursing home I visit, where I get to talk to them, and eat their scrap sandwiches, or is that sandwich scraps? Or, just scraps? I hope that I have got my facts right and are not making a fool of myself. But, then, using comas with precision, how would that be even possible?

     Well, some transgender folk in America have hearts that are not filled with the warmth and love for all humanity that I have:
    Consider transgender reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner, who, I was utterly amazed to learn, supports President Donald Trump. See, she is a good person, and all those internet jokes are just sick. Anyway, she said that Trump was “very much behind the LGBT community.” Truly amazing.

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Affirmative Action Failure: Please Explain By Brian Simpson

     We are told that race does not exist, unless you are White, which does not exist, being a social construct, unless you protest, and then you are a “White supremacist’:
Why, Jared Taylor over at American Renaissance, holds that East Asians are superior to Whites (based on a few IQ studies, which we have refuted at this site), as Goad puts it, which makes the magazine a bit useless (it should be defending East Asians and letting inferiors like his kind meet their fate). But, Jared, for all of his infinite qualifications and moderation of his site, gets treated by the System, just like the radicals he desperately tries to differentiate himself from, as a “white supremacist”! Gasp! As Jim Goad would say, in his journalistic street lingo, “that plain sucks.” Yeah, it sure does, Jared.

     Back to reality, turning to the real news site, The New York Times, there is this article: “Even With Affirmative Action, Blacks and Hispanics Are More Underrepresented at Top Colleges Than 35 Years Ago”: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/08/24/us/affirmative-action.html  Here is the basics of this:

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The End of Italy By Peter West

     Italy has done its fair, or unfair share, of passing migrants onto the once Nordic Northern Europe, especially Germany:
Now, Italy is set to let 200,000 migrants head to the UK. But, Italy has been allowing the migrant flow for some time:
https://www.spectator.co.uk/2015/06/the-invasion-of-italy/, reporting on Italy’s decriminalising illegal immigration, and with its policies of encouraging illegals,  helping to fuel the immigration crisis.

     Italy, though, will face demographic extinction problems of its own, as a study, “How Immigration is Changing Italian Demographics,” http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/07/20/report-immigration-crisis-causing-unprecedented-shift-in-italys-demographics/ shows:

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Tu Quoque By Chris Knight

     A supermarket in Germany has made a statement about “racism,” by removing all foreign groceries from its shelves:
See, there is nothing left, and you all would starve!  Keep up the experiment for a year, just to show how ideologically pure you are.

     Nevertheless, contrary to this, I think that the message delivered is exactly the opposite. It shows how foreign domination amounts to a form of economic imperialism, which is “racism,” to use that meaningless, catch-all word. Perform the same circus trick in an African country and you get the same result. Do these chatterers want to label oppressed Africans as “racists”? Surely not. Hence, refuted, QED.
On the meaning of “tu quoque” (“you also”): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tu_quoque

Letter to The Editor - Awareness of the Truth of Sacred Tradition

     The welfare of Australians is threatened by intolerant authoritarianism from left-wing agitators and corporate shysters. This can be seen in the defacing of a statue of Captain Cook, in uninvited graffiti in public spaces, in corporations adopting partisan positions in controversies and thus treating non-like-minded employees unfairly, and in professional bodies in law and medicine doing the same - to say nothing of some churches or church groups.
     Why should this be? It seems that people find the taking up of causes to give meaning to their own lives - this is medicine for the illnesses of boredom and personal frustration. Having become too attached to their causes, they then experience any contradiction as a source of aggression against themselves and become ruthless in trying to obliterate it.
     Only a renewed awareness within society of the truth of sacred tradition and the value of sanctified ethical codes can provide a solution to this political evil.
NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Letter to The Editor - Cut off Humanity from the Ultimate Source of Truth and Right Guidance

     Steve Kessell’s blanket claim that ‘Buddhism has no god’ (29/8) is simplistic, even misleading. For example, the doctrine of nirvana does not refer to a final nothingness (as in nihilism) but a final separation from all the things of this world. That still leaves room for the mysterious divine One, an ultimate reality more immediately obvious in sacred traditions such as Christianity and Islam. The spirituality of Buddhism has been well addressed by Frithjof Schuon (‘The Buddha is renunciation, peace, mercy and mystery.’) and the Buddhist scholar Marco Pallis in his essay ‘Is there room for ‘grace’ in Buddhism?’

     It is not that ‘a kind and caring spiritual practice does not necessarily need a god’, but that it does not need any particular contingent and limited image or conception of the divine One. By contrast, the danger of the current surge of atheism in the West is that it threatens to cut off humanity altogether from the ultimate source of truth and right guidance. That road leads to tyranny, corruption, horrors.
NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Immigration Diversity and Child Grooming Rapes By Paul Walker

     The media always think racially (collectivistically) whenever an ethnic does well or something clever: this is a positive case for multiculturalism and multiracialism. Nevertheless, when bad things are done, the chattering class are usually silent, or rattle the mantra “racist, racist, racist…” like a machine gun, and never address the issue. There is never any contrary evidence to their case, which indicates that it is not scientific, but mostly BS.

     Hence, what is to be made of the thousands of UK children who have been physically and sexually abused by Muslim gangs? This has been going on for many years, and the stories are straight out of a barbarian war zone:

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The Asianisation of Our Cities By James Reed

     “Education Boom Changing the Face of Cities’ Centres,” The Australian, August 28, 2017, p. 6, tells us something which those of us outside of the green leafy suburbs are well aware of: that new buildings are going up, rapidly to house Asian students, who are all going to stay to become Australia’s professional class. Just take a Captain Cook at the faces in medical school at most universities.

     Here, read it cut from: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/higher-education/international-students/education-boom-changing-the-face-of-cities-centres/news-story/4f1554c1687aacc99382a085895980bf:

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The Shame of Boxing By John Steele

     Although nationalist types are saying that the Mayweather vs McGregor fight was a form of racial punishment, cold sober analysis reveals nothing of the sort. I have gone over the fight taking hours to view the appalling show of what was once the manly art. Since the time of Ali, boxing has been rapidly going downhill. Sure, athletes are full of steroids and there have been strong punchers like Tyson, but the skill level cannot match the older generation.

     Since Ali’s rope-a-dope strategy, boxers have kept their guards down, so TV viewers can see their faces, but they usually get smacked in the head when they punch. You see this all the time in boxing matches. It is embedded in popular culture in the Rocky boxing movies, where Stallone just takes punches to the head like an Italian sponge. Defence is non-existent. McGregor was simply terrible. Mayweather was only a little better.

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Fat, Glorious Fat, Glorious Fat (With a Dollop of Lesbianism) By Mrs Vera West

     Play in the background “Food, Glorious Food”: from the musical Oliver (1995), based upon Charles Dickens’ classic novel Oliver Twist (1838). But today, replace “food’ with “fat.”

     Showing that fat is a feminist issue: http://dailycaller.com/2017/08/24/feminist-professor-claims-fatness-is-liberatory-is-shocked-by-women-who-laughed-at-her/, Arizona State University Professor Breanne Fahs, a self-described “fat woman,” who teaches Women and Gender Studies at the said university, was surprised when the women in a survey she conducted thought that gaining 100 pounds was a negative thing, while she thought that getting fat was a “liberatory” experience. A “lavatory” experience would also be an option. Which just goes to show that one woman’s fat is another woman’s poison.

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The Super-Rich are Vampires: Literally By Paul Walker

     Gasp…it seems that the super-rich are not content with a metaphorical draining of the blood of the young, but are now actually slurping, or rather, transfusing blood: http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree/item/347828f8-6e7f-4a9b-92ab-95f637a9dc2e.
     Studies in mice have apparently shown that old mice get a new jolt of life when given young blood, so, since people are just big mice, according to some authorities, it must work in humans too. Of course, the treatment is controversial, but the parasitic, narcissistic baby boomers will do anything to keep their ugly hides together longer. Hopefully, the treatment will fail and the Earth and future generations will be rid of “my generation,” the worst to walk the planet:
     What was the World War II generation doing while all of this was going on, the real war? Daddy, what were you doing AFTER the great war?

Letter to The Editor - Windows to Eternity

     Rejection of ‘supernatural explanations’ of the universe and scornful descriptions of them as ‘a fairy tale’ (Letters, 28/8) fly in the face of abundant evidence that there is much more to human nature than positivistic science and the logical mind can see. First and foremost is their total inability to explain why there is a universe at all. ‘It just happened’ won’t do.
     There is an enormous amount of convincing testimony from cultures worldwide over ten thousand years or more that intuition, conscience, inspiration, ‘the sixth sense’ and ‘second sight’ really do exist and afford vital guidance for individuals and societies. Through them the divine speaks to the human. We are more than we ordinarily perceive ourselves to be. That is why philosophical tradition in ancient Greece stressed the vital first requirement to ‘know oneself’ - to know, in fact, that one is far more than what first appears. The teaching of Jesus about the need for a ‘second birth’ makes the same point.
     I tremble for Australia if the nation collectively turns its back on these windows to eternity.
NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Letter to The Editor - Raising Children Securely to the Ultimate Benefit of Society

     Alison Davies (28/8) wants to see same-sex marriage regarded as ‘normal’. Does she mean ‘average’ (the norm being the mean) or ‘right, true’? Only the latter could be applicable. Australia needs to get the answer right on this. Maggie Morgan (28/8) confuses equality before the law with ‘marriage equality’ and then claims that the plebiscite ‘is about equality and basic human rights.’ This doesn’t answer the concerns ‘no’ advocates have expressed about the interests of children and the interests of society. The plebiscite is actually about whether or not these interests trump those of same-sex attracted people. Maybe they do and sacred tradition is wise to insist that marriage should be viewed as the union of a man and a woman for the purpose of raising children securely to the ultimate benefit of society as a whole.
NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Cultural War; Australian Style By Bruce Bennett

     It is all happening, rather quickly now. Following the adventures of the Alt Right in America, the ever politically correct Left have ramped up the volume on the removal of all things relating to white European history, especially British in Australia. This led to the meek squeak from John Howard, “not to rip up our proud history,” because British symbols represent the origins of this country: The Australian, August 25, 2017, p. 4; http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/dont-rip-up-our-proud-history-says-john-howard/news-story/4fd1189c540b7cf77bf8c302547626f5.

     Well John, you could have done something about this, but instead you increased the immigration of Asians by record numbers beginning a displacement of traditional Australians as argued here: https://www.bookdepository.com/Howard-Legacy-Peter-Wilkinson/9780980400809

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Australia is Already Asianised and the British Australia of Eric Butler is Long Dead By James Reed

     Explore the face of Asianisation outside of the comfort and relative protection of your quiet suburban home, or rural property. This is the racial profile of our major cities:  http://cbdnews.com.au/the-face-of-the-cbd/

     Look, I will quote for you, for full dramatic impact:

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How Natural Selection and God will Deal with Everything By John Steele

     In the end, the wisdom of nature, and the cosmic powers that be, will win, and the light of natural order will shine through, whatever happens to our kind. Consider: things are now so bad in the US, and soon here in Australia as well, that most people now live from pay check to pay check, and have no spare money at all for emergencies, including prepping for the inevitable doomsday, which we all know is coming:

     But, millennials are supporting socialism in places where it is collapsing fast, or has already collapsed, such as Venezuala, and presumably in the West as well, right up to the end:

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