Surviving Coronavirus By John Steele

     There is plenty of material from our side of politics arguing that the coronavirus is a genetically engineered weapon. Myself and Brian are not promoting that line yet, because for all we know, this virus may not be “the big one.” Best to take a more careful approach of watchful waiting, like men are supposed to do with their ageing prostates. As the articles below indicate, the worst-case scenario is that the virus does become a pandemic, and craters the world economy. That will be the economic MZB (mutant zombie biker) scenario, where we can expect roaming gangs to be out raiding to get supplies. Oh, that is home invasion and it is in full swing now, but I suppose there will be much more.

     For those who are especially paranoid, like me, here is a good book devoted entirely to surviving the coronavirus. I kick myself for not writing something like this myself, but, hey, now I don’t have to. I can now go back to bugging out with the bugs in the deep bush.

Australia Sensible on Climate Change Nonsense By James Reed

     It is good to see that the Feds are putting mining and jobs ahead of so-called climate change international obligations, and globalist bs like that:

“Australia’s conservative coalition government will put jobs and the economy ahead of any U.N. demands for it to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,  Finance Minister Mathias Cormann said Sunday. Cormann said Australia’s government will work to set new long-term plans addressing greenhouse gas emissions ahead of yet another global climate summit in Glasgow year, however it won’t pursue any net-zero emissions policies that hurt workers in key economic areas. “If we make the wrong decisions, not only would we be harming the Australian economy, harming Australian workers, we would also be harming the global environment,” Cormann said in an interview on local outlet Sky News. “Imposing a target in Australia that ultimately just shifts emissions to other parts of the world where emissions will be higher for the same level of economic output doesn’t help solve the problem that we’re wanting to solve, and just imposes a sacrifice on people here in Australia for no environmental benefit whatsoever.”

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I am a Lesbian, and I Have Had a Gutful, So to Speak! By Mrs Vera West

     Here is a lesbian sounding off about the suffocating political correctness of the LGBT+ mob, and her treatment for being critical.

“A feminist and lesbian YouTuber says she’s quitting the LGBT community and becoming a “conservative” because of the increasingly intolerant action by pro-transgender and “woke” activists towards lesbians. YouTube star Arielle Scarcella said she’s being pushed towards conservatives because conservatives are more tolerant and more supportive of free speech. “I generally voted Democrat. … I wasn’t really a fan of Hillary. I didn’t really like Bernie,” Scarcella said in a Timcast IRL interview: I absolutely knew [Trump] was gonna win because there was so much attention on him, whether it was negative or positive.…

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The Bettina Arndt Controversy By Mrs Vera West

     Bettina is a wonderful warm person, at least that is my impression from seeing her speak many times over the years, at least when I was mobile, and she has done much to defend men. But then, there is this controversy:

“Parliament has voted to strip Bettina Arndt of her Order of Australia honour over her calls for police to keep an open mind on whether Brisbane killer Rowan Baxter had been “driven too far” before he doused his wife and three children in petrol and murdered them.

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Climate Denial to become a Crime? By James Reed

     I came across this article where it is proposed that climate change denial be made a crime. That, I suppose, is just the way things are handled by the elites today, with their multicult fascism. We have seen the same strategy done with race and immigration issues, and now climate change is the next big thing, to push the Big Agenda even further:

“Climate denial has increased the risk of catastrophic global change. Should international criminal law be used against those who promote this dangerous trend? Economic and political leaders can no longer pretend it is business as usual. Whether they actively induce environmental harm or just ignore the existential threat against the survival of the human species, states and corporations must be held accountable for their actions or inaction regarding climate change. A fire has started in the theatre, from which there are no exits. Unchecked, the fire will kill and injure many in the theatre, starting with those in the cheapest seats. Many people can smell the smoke, but some others have not noticed it yet. Some people are trying to warn everyone so that the fire can be contained before it spreads out of control. Another group – sitting mainly in the most expensive seats – is trying to shout loudly that there is no fire, or that it is not serious, or that there is plenty of time left to put it out. This group uses emotive language and insists that the other group is not to be trusted. Many people in the theatre are confused by these conflicting messages or convinced by the fire-deniers. There are enough people in this combined set to significantly slow down the efforts of those listening to the accurate warnings, those who are trying to put out the fire. In this scenario, those shouting “No fire!” ought to be silenced, because there is a fire that requires urgent and immediate action to prevent it from spreading and becoming uncontrollable. But the fire is not being tackled properly because many of the people in the theatre do not know whom to believe. Can we compare those who deny the reality of climate change to the group that occupies the best seats in the theatre? The answer seems obvious: yes.

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US Bioweapons Research By Brian Simpson

     There is a school of thought holding that the coronavirus is part of a bioweapons program. Perhaps it was created by the Chinese, or the Americans; we do not know yet who did it, if this is true. It could also be a naturally evolved virus, but the arguments go back and forth. We need to have an open mind, and be ready for all possibilities. To this end, Natural News, who takes the conspiracy line, has this interesting article:

“U.S. Biowarfare Programs Have 13,000 Death Scientists Hard at Work
America’s $100-billion Germ Warfare Industry a “Criminal Enterprise,” Author of U.S. Biowarfare Act Says Sherwood Ross. The American legal authority who in 1989 drafted the law Congress enacted to comply with the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention says the U.S. today [October 11, 2015] is in flagrant violation of that Convention. “Since Sept. 11, 2001, we have spent somewhere in the area of $100 billion” on offensive biological warfare, charges Professor Francis Boyle of the University of Illinois, Champaign. Boyle said an estimated 13,000 “death scientists” in 400 laboratories in the U.S. and abroad, are employed making new strains of offensive killer germs that will be resistant to vaccines. For example, Dr. Yoshihiro Kawaoka’s group at the University of Wisconsin has found a way to increase the toxicity of the flu virus by 200 times! Boyle says Kawaoka is “the same death scientist who resurrected the genocidal Spanish Flu virus for the Pentagon for offensive biowarfare purposes.” As for fighting flu, the National Institutes of Health in 2006, a typical year, got only $120 million from Congress to fight flu, which kills an estimated 36,000 Americans annually.  By contrast, Congress gave NIH $1.76 billion for “biodefense,” even though the anthrax outbreak in 2001 killed just five persons. “These distorted budgetary allocations,” (spending 15 times as much for germ warfare as for fighting flu) demonstrate that the priority here is not the promotion of the public health of American citizens but rather to further develop the U.S. offensive biowarfare industry that will someday ‘blowback’ upon the American people with a catastrophic pandemic,” Boyle said. He went on to say the Pentagon and Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) are “ready, willing, and able to launch biowarfare when it suits their interests…They have a super-weapons-grade anthrax that they already used against us in October, 2001.”

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Harvey Weinstein: Rapist! By Mrs Vera West

     Here is the summary of the Harvey Weinstein proceedings given to us by our friends at The New York Times, with the paywall, but I found a quote so I do not have to pay, but would not anyway, as I would always find another source. Unfortunately, the quote has an ugly line around it, but the computer wizards at can handle it:

Harvey Weinstein, the powerhouse film producer whose downfall over sexual misconduct ignited a global movement, was found guilty on Monday of a felony sex crime and rape after a trial in which six women testified that he had sexually assaulted them. But the jury acquitted Mr. Weinstein of the two top charges against him, predatory sexual assault. The verdict offered a measure of justice to the dozens of women who had come forward with similar allegations against Mr. Weinstein. For many, the trial was a watershed moment for the #MeToo movement and a crucial test in the effort to hold powerful men accountable for sexual harassment in the workplace. Mr. Weinstein sat between his lawyers looking straight ahead when it was announced that the jury had reached a verdict. Four court officers stood behind him, and Cyrus R. Vance Jr., the Manhattan district attorney, sat nearby in the front row of the courtroom. The jury found Mr. Weinstein guilty of two counts, a criminal sexual act in the first degree and rape in the third degree. Mr. Weinstein appeared unmoved as the verdict was read. He was found not guilty on the two counts of predatory sexual assault, which suggests that one or some jurors did not believe the testimony of Annabella Sciorra, an actress best known for her work in “The Sopranos.” After the verdict was read, Justice James M. Burke thanked the jurors for their “care and concentration” before they left the courtroom. As they filed out, Juror No. 6 stared at Mr. Weinstein.…

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Letter to The Editor - To learn a mandatory and more thorough history of the Holocaust

     To The Age        Unlike Tim Huf and Dora Houpis (28/2), I do not welcome the Victorian Government's proposal to require all high school students in government schools "to learn a mandatory and more thorough history of the Holocaust", as I fear that the subject will be taught in a quasi-religious manner involving a doctrine all must believe. Or will fair space and attention be given to the substantial researches and theses of Holocaust revisionists?
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

The Zombie Apocalypse in Italy and Beyond By Brian Simpson

     Coronavirus has hit Italy, and refuted the race realists at vDare and American Renaissance, who were saying that whites may be immune to the virus. In Italy, public utilities like schools, museums, theatres and cinemas have been closed, and even the popular Venice Carnival has been cancelled. Iran, has also been hard hit, and worse is yet to come:

“Coronavirus has killed around 50 people in Qom, the Iranian city's representative in parliament said, according to the semi-official ILNA news agency. The comments by MP Ahmad Amirabadi Farhani suggest that coronavirus is far more widepsread in Iran than previously thought. The Iranian government announced on Monday morning that the total stood at 12 in the entire country, raising questions over its reporting of the crisis. Iran's Health Ministry rejected the number on Monday afternoon. “Up until last night, around 50 people died from coronavirus. The health minister is to blame,” Amirabadi Farhani said on Monday. Ten people die in Qom daily due to the coronavirus outbreak in the city, he added. In response, Iran’s Deputy Health Minister Iraj Harirchi denied the figures and said he would resign if Amirabadi Farhani's numbers were correct. “If the number of coronavirus victims in Qom is a quarter of what media outlets are reporting, I will resign. The figure is incorrect, and we are sure of our statistics,” he said. However, Health Ministry Spokesman Kianush Jahanpour rapidly revised the total up on Monday, saying there are now 61 confirmed cases in the country. Amirabadi Farhani also criticized the government's efforts to control the virus. “Qom is in a poor state and the government has been unsuccessful in controlling the coronavirus outbreak,” he said. The government is not “worried enough” about the outbreak, he added, stating: “It is true that we should keep calm, but we must not act like nothing has happened.”

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Letter to the Editor - Something from an earlier Australian composer might be appropriate

To The Australian         The rewritten version of "Advance Australia Fair" recommended by Cathy Freeman is a non-starter ("Olympic star backs move to alter national anthem's lyrics", 26/2). The song itself is anaemic and out of date; and the RAP version is not inclusive. A new and widely acceptable national anthem could have five stanzas: (1) an opening commending past efforts and achievements by all our predecessors (including the Anzac tradition); (2) celebration of Aboriginal culture; (3) celebration of our British foundation; (4) celebration of our diversity made up of immigrants from all over the world; (5) an ending calling for fruitful contributions from all Australians to a worthwhile national future. The first and last stanzas should have a generalised invocation to divine blessing and providence. Essential would be a genuinely rousing tune. If a totally new musical contribution cannot be found, something from an earlier Australian composer might be appropriate - say, from Percy Grainger, for example.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

The Mouldy Burger King! By Mrs Vera West

     Have a look at this; an ad showing a Burger King burger going mouldy, supposedly to demonstrate lack of preservatives. Well, my guess is that whatever preservatives one put in a burger, after a few days it will go rotten, let alone 34 days. So, what is the point? It certainly has created the mental image of burgers = mould in my mind, somewhat counter-productive, I think.

Here is One for the Race Realists! By Brian Simpson

     The American race realists, such as American Renaissance, against whom I have been critiquing for some time, hold among many things, that Black people have an athletic superiority in various sports, such as sprinting, and perhaps boxing. I note with regard to boxing that the recent fight between Tyson Fury (white) and Deontay Wilder (black), where Fury devastated him, should give them pause:

     This epic battle should raise some doubts about generalisations of racial superiority in sports. I think that here the individual is king/queen and the differences are too great to generalise.

Will I Die from Reflux and Laryngeal Cancer? By Mrs Vera West

     I think I will die from having to correct text which suddenly goes capitalised because some fool put the caps lock key next to the common “A” letter. Anyone with thick fat fingers will hit the cap key 9 times out of 10. Anyway, after losing $30 on my Load and Go card, losing the receipt, I have a bad case of reflux, caused we are told by excess acid travelling up the food pipe in a marvel of engineering. The acid is said, over time, to erode things away, and bingo, cancer and you are dead. In my case my voice box gets a dose, especially at night, so the concern is cancer of the vocal cords. But, with a bit more research, I found that the issue is complex:

“Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), or its variation known as laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR), has been recognized as a potential cause of several laryngeal disorders. Patients with laryngeal cancer have lifestyle risk factors, especially tobacco and alcohol consumption, that play an etiological role in the development of their cancer but also places them at risk for reflux. The question then arises whether there is merely an association or a causal relationship between laryngeal cancer and reflux. However, despite a number of studies, a causal relationship with laryngeal cancer is uncertain. In this article, we address the current literature in a critical manner to evaluate the relationship between reflux and laryngeal cancer. From the review of the literature, we conclude that there is insufficient evidence to support a causal role of reflux in laryngeal cancer, mainly because of the confounding effect of tobacco and alcohol consumption and the inaccuracies in the diagnosis of reflux.”

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Inflammation, Ageing and Molecular Switches By Mrs Vera West

     Here is another one of those “we have got the secret of life” articles, although in this case this seems literally to be so, with researchers claiming to have discovered a molecular switch that can turn off chronic inflammation:

“It is well documented that the rate of aging can be slowed, but it remains unclear to which extent aging-associated conditions can be reversed. How the interface of immunity and metabolism impinges upon the diabetes pandemic is largely unknown. Here, we show that NLRP3, a pattern recognition receptor, is modified by acetylation in macrophages and is deacetylated by SIRT2, an NAD+-dependent deacetylase and a metabolic sensor. We have developed a cell-based system that models aging-associated inflammation, a defined co-culture system that simulates the effects of inflammatory milieu on insulin resistance in metabolic tissues during aging, and aging mouse models; and demonstrate that SIRT2 and NLRP3 deacetylation prevent, and can be targeted to reverse, aging-associated inflammation and insulin resistance. These results establish the dysregulation of the acetylation switch of the NLRP3 inflammasome as an origin of aging-associated chronic inflammation and highlight the reversibility of aging-associated chronic inflammation and insulin resistance.”

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Poverty Australian Style By James Reed

     Being dirt poor, I can relate to my fellow Aussies sinking into the mud with me. Like not being able to pay for dental treatment, and having to contemplate pulling out one’s own teeth with rusty pliers. Don’t even ask about do-it-yourself surgery:

“One in eight Australians adults and one in six children are living in poverty, a new report has found. The Australian Council of Social Service and UNSW Sydney joint study found 13.6 per cent of the population - or 3.24 million people - are estimated to be living below the poverty line, after taking account of housing costs. Of those, 774,000 children are living in poverty, the study published on Friday said. The council's chief executive Cassandra Goldie said Australians were locked into poverty by low welfare rates, a lack of jobs and unaffordable housing. She called on the government to raise welfare payments, invest in social housing and boost jobs growth. "Our economy is leaving people behind, with persistently high poverty rates despite decades of uninterrupted economic growth," Dr Goldie said. Researchers warned Australia's poverty rate was worse than most wealthy countries, including New Zealand, Germany and Ireland. In Australia, the poverty line was $457 per week for a single adult, with the poverty line measured as 50 per cent of median income. The average gap between the poverty line and people living in poverty was $282 per week.”

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Pandemics and the Universities By James Reed

     Guess what the universities are up to today in these days of plague?

“One of Australia’s leading universities said on Friday it is offering Chinese students A$1,500 ($992) if they travel through a third country as higher education providers seek to minimize the impact of a ban on foreigners arriving from mainland China. Australia has since Feb. 1 barred entry to foreigners arriving directly from mainland China, citing a need to stop the spread of the flu-like virus that emerged in China late last year. The ban was extended on Thursday until at least Feb. 29. With the Australian academic year already underway, universities fear thousands of students will withdraw and look at international alternatives if they are unable to get to their classes within weeks. Australia’s government has said that as long as the students are outside China for 14 days, they would be permitted to enter the country. Western Sydney University said it will offer Chinese students a one-off payment if they fulfil those requirements.”

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The Great Anzac Day Flag Controversy By James Reed

     What did the Anzacs die for I ask myself, every Anzac Day, when filled with sadness I look at what Australia has become?

“A decision to ban the Aboriginal flag and other forms of recognition from Anzac Day services in Western Australia (WA) has sparked widespread backlash. Each year, solemn ceremonies are held on 25 April in Australia and New Zealand to commemorate veterans and soldiers. But a veterans' organisation said it would no longer allow Aboriginal displays at its services in the state. It added that all content, except the NZ anthem, must be in English. The Returned Service League (RSL) has previously been criticised for ignoring and diminishing the service of Aboriginal soldiers in World War One and other conflicts. The decision follows a move last year where the Ode of Remembrance was read at a ceremony in an Aboriginal language, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported. Critics, among them indigenous and non-indigenous lawmakers, have called the move "offensive" and demanded it be reversed.”

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The Love of Dogs By Mrs Vera West

     Why are dogs special? It is because of love, and one has to have had a dog to know of the unconditional love a dog has for its master/mistress. You are part of its pack, and dogs are a pack animal. It is well known that dogs will frequently fight to the death defending their human family:

“The idea that animals can experience love was once anathema to the psychologists who studied them, seen as a case of putting sentimentality before scientific rigor. But a new book argues that, when it comes to dogs, the word is necessary to understanding what has made the relationship between humans and our best friends one of the most significant interspecies partnerships in history. Clive Wynne, founder the Canine Science Collaboratory at Arizona State University, makes the case in "Dog is Love: Why and How Your Dog Loves You." The animal psychologist, 59, began studying dogs in the early 2000s, and, like his peers, believed that to ascribe complex emotions to them was to commit the sin of anthropomorphism—until he was swayed by a body evidence that was growing too big to ignore. "I think there comes a point when it's worth being skeptical of your skepticism," the Englishman said in an interview with AFP. Canine science has enjoyed a resurgence in the past two decades, much of it extolling dogs' smarts. Titles like "The Genius of Dogs" by Brian Hare have advanced the idea that dogs have an innate and exceptional intelligence. Wynne, however plays spoilsport, arguing that Fido is just not that brilliant. … One of the most striking advances comes from studies regarding oxytocin, a brain chemical that cements emotional bonds between people, but which is, according to new evidence, also responsible for interspecies relationships between dogs and humans. Recent research led by Takefumi Kikusui at Japan's Azabu University has shown that levels of the chemical spike when humans and their dogs gaze into each others' eyes, mirroring an effect observed between mothers and babies. In genetics, UCLA geneticist Bridgett vonHoldt made a surprising discovery in 2009: Dogs have a mutation in the gene responsible for Williams syndrome in humans—a condition characterized by intellectual limitations and exceptional gregariousness. "The essential thing about dogs, as for people with Williams syndrome, is a desire to form close connections, to have warm personal relationships—to love and be loved," writes Wynne.

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Will Islam Conquer the World? Intelligence and IQ Makes No Difference By Brian Simpson

     A new book by the highly productive Edward Dutton, Why Islam Makes You Stupid ... but Also Means You’ll Conquer the World (2020), is actually a solid, implicit critique of IQ fetishism of sites like American Renaissance which has, in my opinion, an excessive, obsessive conception of the relevance of IQ, based upon contestable studies, as all of psychology is. Dutton takes a longer evolutionary view, which sees ethnocentrism and reproductive success as ultimately deciding the destiny of the world. A sister publication,, has a review, as we are all to poor to buy books here, we quote the essence:

“Though rigorous adherence to Islam suppresses intelligence, the advantages conferred by ethnocentrism and fertility are so great that, in the everlasting conflict between the Islam and formerly-Christian Europe, the former will triumph despite the intellectual and technological advantages of the latter. Dutton, in his usual resolute and confident style, packs his exploration of Islam with information and original insights to reveal how the religion affects the IQ not only of Muslims but also the Europeans whose lands Mohammed’s disciples are colonizing. Chapter 1 introduces modern research on intelligence in the context of human biodiversity and group selection: You pass on your genes by having children, by investing in your kind, or by investing in your group. Chapter 6 closes the book with Dutton’s reflections of Western man’s future in light of the general deterioration of Western civilizational strength, the declining average intelligence of Europeans, and the accelerating immigration into the European heartlands of aliens in general and Muslims in particular. But Dutton, originally educated as a theologian, is at his strongest in the middle when dealing with Islam’s stultifying effects on IQ—which will not, he predicts, thwart its triumph over the West. … In Chapter 2, Dutton summarizes the interplay between intelligence and religiosity. Overall, there exists a weak negative correlation between IQ and religiosity, and the harsher and more fundamentalist the creed, the lower the average IQ of its adepts. That might seem trivial, as professors of science or engineers are rarely ardent believers, but two existential threats arise from the association of IQ and religiousness and their effect on fertility. A positive correlation between religiousness and fertility is dysgenic in terms of IQ; i.e.,

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Coronavirus Visits Italy: Pizza? By Brian Simpson

     The coronavirus is marching through South Korea now, showing how ineffective communist China’s control mechanisms were. The bigger surprise is that Italy now faces the infection, with a quarantine of 12 towns, so the bug has reached Europe. Italy now has 132 cases of the virus infection, and rising.

     Medical supplies are fast disappearing, the Chinese getting ahead of the curve. Our just in time delivery system, is highly vulnerable, operating on the edge of collapse, much like the wider social  system. This video may produce the appropriate sense of angst:

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