Are You Ready for Infanticide? By Mrs Vera West

     This seems to be the goal of the NSW government, which is desperately trying to catch up to parts of the UYS in terms of radical abortionism:

“What is the point of electing a Liberal government if all it does is implement a Labor-Greens agenda? This is the question all conservative voters in NSW should be asking today as the Berejiklian government plans to ram through parliament one of the most radical abortion bills on the planet. Not only does the bill allow unborn babies to be aborted right up until the moment of birth, but it forces any doctor with a conscientious objection to refer the patient to a doctor who will carry out the abortion. It’s astonishing that such a dangerously illiberal law would be backed by a Liberal government. If it becomes law, as it probably will since it’s supported by the Premier and Opposition Leader, the government will have betrayed the people who voted for it just four months ago. As furious Liberal backbencher Kevin Connolly points out, the first most MPs knew about this bill was when Health Minister Brad Hazzard appeared at a press conference on Saturday alongside left-wing independent Alex Greenwich, the inner-city protégé of Sydney’s worst-ever Lord Mayor, Clover Moore. Hazzard actually is co-sponsoring Greenwich’s terrible bill, with the support of ersatz North Shore Liberal Felicity Wilson, and Upper House LINO (Liberal In Name Only) Trevor Khan.”

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Turmeric and Cancer By Mrs Vera West

     I have covered the issue of the health benefits of turmeric many times before, but there is a concise account of the anti-cancer benefits of turmeric, with an n=1 study, published in the British Medical Journal.

“Myeloma is a haematological malignancy which typically follows a relapsing-remitting course. While treatment can control the myeloma and improve quality of life for given periods of time, remissions generally become progressively shorter with subsequent relapses, and patients ultimately enter a final refractory phase. To help control symptoms and enhance quality of life, some patients use complementary therapies as an adjunct to their conventional therapy. Here, we describe a myeloma patient who started a daily dietary supplement of curcumin when approaching her third relapse. In the absence of further antimyeloma treatment, the patient plateaued and has remained stable for the last 5 years with good quality of life.”

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US Gun Bans: Next Step in Civil War II Thanks to Leftist Globalist Trump By Charles Taylor

     Trump, as the globalist puppet that he is, has responded to the two shootings by focussing largely on the El Paso one, condemning white supremacism, which he never defined, but which is defined for him by the anti-white establishment as simply white survival, and of course, never singling out Antifa Leftism, behind the more recent Dayton shooting, except for putting it down to mental illness, not ideology.

     Consequently, there will be new red flag laws, similar to what exists in socialist countries like yours (Australia), where if the authorities think that you are a “problem” they can take your guns, and probably lock you up, or get a psychiatrist, USSR style, to lock you up – all without due process of the law. That, in itself, is an assault upon liberty far worse than any number of shootings, which are occurring right now in our cities by gangs with illegal guns, and will continue to occur. The same social media companies that censor conservative groups, will under the Trump legislation be playing the key role in this policing. This is utterly dangerous given how vindictive these companies are, with numerous examples of their injustices, and their clear radical Leftist agendas. Just let the wolves guard the chicken coop. This is beyond insane and can only indicate that Trump is just a part of the conspiracy, from the beginning. Yes, he played 4-dimensional chess …  for the globalist team.

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Could one simple question end the abortion debate? By Akos Balogh

Original article:

Our Brothers, the Mosquito By James Reed

     I have written so many articles attacking so many people I can’t remember if I once argued that animal rights activists will be defending the rights of mosquitos next. Well, guess what? My reduction ad absurdum has been rejected, by these wild and woolly folks, who now are  granting rights to mosquitos:

“People should not kill mosquitoes but allow them to take "blood donations", a French animal-rights activist has said. Aymeric Caron, a television presenter, said the insects sucked human blood to obtain protein for their eggs, which was “embarrassing for anti-specists who realise they are being attacked by a mother trying to nourish her future children”. Anti-specists are those who oppose discrimination against any species, usually animals. But British animal-protection workers said his comments were “a step too far” and were “an unhelpful distraction”. Mr Caron, who counts himself as an “anti-specist”, said animal lovers should allow the insects to bite, except in Africa, where they would risk catching malaria.”

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Lawyers commenting on NSW Abortion Law changes By Neil Foster

     I am a member of an informal coalition of practicing lawyers and legal academics which goes by the name of the "Wilberforce Foundation". A number of us have signed off on a press release designed to make it clear that comments from the "Australian Lawyers Alliance" supporting the proposed changes to abortion laws in NSW do not represent the views of all lawyers. The statement follows.

     The Wilberforce Foundation is a coalition of lawyers and legal academics committed to the preservation and advancement of the moral foundation of the common law, rights and freedoms. Recently, the Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA) came out in support of the Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill. Whilst the ALA is a national organization representing lawyers, academics and other professionals dedicated to protecting and promoting justice, freedom and the rights of the individuals, it is important to note that it does not speak for all of us. Lawyers, like any member of the community, can have diverse views on morally controversial issues like abortion. The Wilberforce Foundation opposes the bill and disagrees with the ALA’s claims that there are dangerous consequences for women and doctors from the continued criminalization of abortion.

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The System does Not Like Reasoned, Scientific Argument By Charles Taylor

     Science is useful to the Establishment, only so long as it delivers the answers that the system wants. When people use it to question the ruling narratives of the day, which in the US at the moment is centred around shootings confirming the Left view of the universe – then watch out, even if you are a celebrity, non-white astrophysicist:

“Celebrity astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is facing backlash from rock band Smash Mouth and gun control advocates after he took to Twitter to compare the number of deaths from the latest mass shootings to that of other causes, such as medical errors and suicide. “In the past 48hrs, the USA horrifically lost 34 people to mass shootings. On average, across any 48hrs, we also lose…500 to Medical errors, 300 to the Flu, 250 to Suicide, 200 to Car Accidents, 40 to Homicide via Handgun,” Tyson said after the deadly mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. “Often our emotions respond more to spectacle than to data.” With more than 73,000 responses to his tweet, Tyson also faced scrutiny from other prominent figures who were quick to responded to his tweet. “Cold take, Neil. 200+ Americans died from gun violence in the past 48 hours,” Moms Demand Action founder and gun control activist Shannon Watts responded.“Your data is wrong Neil. In the past 48 hours, 200 people were killed with guns and many more were injured while a powerful organization lobbies to protect its interests,” writer and lawyer Amee Vanderpool wrote in response to Tyson. “Maybe you should add some emotion to your game, because your data collection sucks.”

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Exercise and Depression By Mrs Vera West

     I have covered the health benefits of exercise for our older people, but there are benefits of exercise for everyone, beyond the now well-known cardio-vascular health effects.

“Just 15 minutes of jogging every day could reduce the risk of depression, a doctor has said. Speaking on the back of a recent study that found physically active people are less at risk of the mental health condition, a medic from Massachusetts General Hospital urges the public to 'just move'. Whenever patients come to him complaining they are feeling down, the doctor tells them to 'get outside and do something' before he will prescribe an antidepressant. Dr David Agus, from the hospital's department of psychiatry, told CBS News: 'My patients now, when they say, "I'm starting to feel a little depressed and not do as much," my first thing is not prescribe a pill, but get outside and do something.'”

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Better to Eat Cardboard! By Mrs Vera West

     How bad is our processed food? As the title indicates, maybe it would be better to eat cardboard from the boxes, or weeds:

“For every 10 calories someone in the US eats, 8 come from store-bought foods and beverages (packaged and unpackaged). The ready-to-eat food market plays a crucial role in the US, and it also plays a crucial role in the development of obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Time and time again, studies have shown that processed foods (and particularly, ultra-processed foods) are dangerous to human health. Not only do they make you fat, but they also increase the risk of many serious conditions, including cancer and diabetes — and yet, Americans can’t have enough of them. “The US packaged food and beverage supply is large, heterogeneous, highly processed, and generally unhealthy,” the new study reads. Scientists analyzed 230,156 products, finding that 71% of products such as bread, salad dressings, snack foods, sweets, sugary drinks and more were ultra-processed. When they looked at the largest 25 manufacturers, a whopping 86% of products were classified as ultra-processed. Scientists also ranked foods based on their healthfulness, using a ranking system developed in Australia that ranks foods from 0.5 stars (unhealthiest) to 5 stars (healthiest) The Health Star Rating system scores packaged foods, offering consumers a quick look at the nutritional profile of packaged foods — something which can be difficult to assess in our day to day lives.”

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Walk for Brain Health By Mrs Vera West

     The exercise news today is something that older readers may already have taken on board, namely that walking is not only good for one’s cardio-vascular health, but can also fire up the brain, and who doesn’t need their brain fired up. This is the message of a new book, In Praise of Walking by neuroscientist, Shane O’Mara:

     This book was released only today (1 August 2019), and here is, so fast that we already have a review (of a review):

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The Irony of Being Pushed Under a Train By Richard Miller

     Hands up everybody who loves diversity, richness, vibrancy? Sure, we all do. And who likes trains? Less people, probably they take buses, or drive, putting up with the traffic, one of the great things about mass migration and demographic displacement.

“The Eritrean refugee charged with killing a child by pushing him in front of a train was a ‘poster boy’ for successful integration in Switzerland. German interior minister Horst Seehofer had said during a news conference that the suspect, who is accused of fatally pushing an eight-year-old boy in front of a moving train in Frankfurt on Monday, had been considered “an example of successful integration” and was “mentioned in publications” in Switzerland. Zurich prosecutors confirmed to German news magazine Focus that Habte Araya, 40, had been in psychiatric treatment since 2019 and had not worked for a year. Prior to that, he had worked for several years at transport companies in the Swiss capital and two years ago, was portrayed as a model of integration in a publication of the Swiss Workers’.”

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The Coming Anarchy: Baltimore By Charles Taylor

     An ex-Baltimore martial artist that I know has a blog, and sometimes does articles and podcasts lamenting about the disintegration of his home town, Baltimore. The crime is far worse that Donald Trump has indicated. My friend said that when he returned for a quick visit, he was subjected to urban predation at an average of two confrontations a day, fortunately not with guns, but with cheap knives. He has a concealed carry permit for his home state of Idaho, but Baltimore is heavily gun-controlled, basically for law abiding citizens, while the “hood rats,” as locals call gang bangers, have the choicest weapons. The rest of the multicult needs guns for their crimes and predation. He carried nunchaku in his coat, with one part down a sleave, so that it could be whipped out quick, drawn in less than a second, and ready for action.

“Last weekend, President Donald Trump noticed that black-run Baltimore is a disaster. In tweets aimed at Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings and his complaints about border control, the President listed some of Baltimore’s problems:

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The Violence of the Left By James Reed

     Some of us here have some sympathy for the idea that runaway non-democratic technological innovations, imposed from the top down by the super-capitalists are bad, but none of us goes so far as to reject civilisation itself. But mathematics professor Ted Kaczynski did that. This is the Unabomber, a cold-blooded killer who thought that mailing bombs to academic scientists would bring down the system. Instead it killed I think three scientists, devastating their families, and did nothing. This man from the anarchist Left though has inspired a new generation of Leftoids:

“Quietly, often secretly, whether they gather it from the air of this anxious era or directly from the source like Jacobi did, more and more people have been having Kaczynski Moments. Books and webzines with names like Against Civilization, FeralCulture, Unsettling America, and the Ludd-Kaczynski Institute of Technology have been spreading versions of his message across social-media forums from Reddit to Facebook for at least a decade, some attracting more than 100,000 followers. They cluster around a youthful nickname, “anti-civ,” some drawing their ideas directly from Kaczynski, others from movements like deep ecology, anarchy, primitivism, and nihilism, mixing them into new strains. Although they all believe industrial civilization is in a death spiral, most aren’t trying to hurry it along. One exception is Deep Green Resistance, an activist network inspired by a 2011 book of the same name that includes contributions from one of Kaczynski’s frequent correspondents, Derrick Jensen. The group’s openly stated goal, like Kaczynski’s, is the destruction of civilization and a return to preagricultural ways of life. So far, most of the violence has happened outside of the United States. Although the FBI declined to comment on the topic, the 2017 report on domestic terrorism by the Congressional Research Service cited just a handful of minor attacks on “symbols of Western civilization” in the past ten years, a period of relative calm most credit to Operation Backfire, the FBI crackdown on radical environmental efforts in the mid-aughts.

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Vaccine Tragedies By Mrs Vera West

     Here is a sad story that raises political and ethical issues about mandatory vaccines:

“Sarah and Christopher Fisher said they believed the jab was "implicated" in the sudden death of their son George. The inquest heard how George had suffered an epileptic-type fit four months before being given the MMR vaccine and that this might have been a warning he could react badly to the jab. However, a consultant told the inquest that while it had been deemed safe to give the child the innoculation against Measles, Mumps and Rubella, his parents should have been told to monitor his temperature. Mrs Fisher, 42, a hotel receptionist, said she had not been given any information about what symptoms might signal an adverse reaction to the jab.
The inquest heard how George was found dead in his cot on the morning of January 19, 2006. Mrs Fisher, who has three other children, said George had been happily playing football with his father the day before he died. He went to bed as normal about 7pm. Before Mrs Fisher went to bed at 11.30pm she heard him "chatting away" on the baby monitor. She made a final check on him, turned him onto his back, put the quilt over him, stroked his head, and said goodnight. She heard him drink from his bottle and then throw it down on the floor before shuffling around to get comfortable. At 8am next morning, she said, her daughter Megan, who shared a room with George, called out to her. "I put her in our bed. I glanced at George as I went into the bathroom and was surprised he was not yet awake.

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Vaccine Technocracy By Mrs Vera West

     Criticisms of the vaccination industry were once populous on the web, but censorship and law suits, and mandatory vaccinations, often at gun point, have mowed down the ranks of the champions of freedom. But, has Big Pharma actually won?

“The latest measles outbreak that’s gripped communities across the country in recent months pushed the topic of vaccinations (and those who choose to forgo them) right back onto centerstage for many Americans. Now a new survey delving into feelings over immunizations finds the country may be more split on the issue than believed, with 45% of adults admitting to harboring some doubt about the safety of vaccines. That said, the vast majority — more than eight in 10 surveyed — still view vaccines as effective and continue to support them, despite their concerns. The survey, funded by the American Osteopathic Association, questioned 2,000 adults and asked doubters the source of their suspicions of the science-supported, long-established safety and importance of vaccinations. Of the nearly half who listed at least one source of doubt over vaccine safety, researchers found the most common sources came from online articles (16%), distrust of the pharmaceutical industry (16%), and information from medical experts (12%). According to lead researcher Rachel Shmuts, a perinatal psychiatrist, widespread negative attitudes towards vaccines has become a phenomenon caused by human psychology and amplified by social media. “From an evolutionary perspective, humans are primed to pay attention to threats or negative information,” Dr. Shmuts explains in a media release. “So it makes sense that people hold onto fears that vaccines are harmful, especially when they believe their children are in danger.”

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If You Get Reflux, This is a Real Worry By Mrs Vera West

     Many of us who suffer from reflux, a pain that feels like a heart attack seek relief from this condition by Proton Pump Inhibitors. But there could be a problem from long term use, with deleterious effects upon the kidneys:

     This is so important that I will go straight to the primary source, in the British Medical Journal:

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Australia’s Fragility Epidemic By Michael Ferguson

     Wow, a fragility epidemic! It is enough to make even the hardest of men, well … fragile.

“Jonathan Haidt has a prediction. In the not-too-distant future, Aussie backpackers will no longer be found exploring far-flung corners of the world. The decades-old tradition of setting off with a backpack and a one-way plane ticket will likely be too daunting for a generation who have been sheltered from any kind of risk by their parents, and too alien from the world they have built themselves online. "I have no data on this, but I am going to predict that it's going to become less common," said the New York University social psychologist and co-author of the bestseller, The Coddling of the American Mind. Professor Haidt was in Australia this week, adding his voice to growing concern about the threat posed not only to children, but to the rest of society by parental over-protection in the middle classes of the English-speaking world.”

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Love Meat? Then to Support the Third World, Time to Give it Up! By Peter West

     Kiss your tasty steak goodbye, because it simply consumes too many resources, and to keep the Third World population numbers exploding, food will need to be distributed according to the Marxist principle of equality.

“Americans will need to cut their average consumption of beef by about 40% and Europeans by 22%, for the world to continue to feed the 10 billion people expected to live on this planet in 2050, according to a new report. That means each person could have about a burger and a half each week. This calculation comes from the World Resources Institute, a global research nonprofit that supports better use of natural resources to sustain a growing population. Its research looks at agriculture, the climate crisis, poverty and gender, among other topics. Its final "Creating a Sustainable Food Future" report released Wednesday takes a closer look at the gaps in food production and global demand and makes several concrete recommendations on how to prevent a catastrophe. Eating less beef is one such suggestion in the 568-page report. About 9.8 billion people will live on the planet by 2050, that's up from 7 billion people in 2010. Demand for food is projected to outpace population growth, increasing by more than 50% as people's incomes in the developing world are expected to increase, according to the report. The demand for meat and dairy is expected to rise even faster, by nearly 70%. The global demand for ruminant meat, meaning beef, sheep and goat, is expected to be even higher, at 88%. But to keep up with food demands overall, the report predicts farmers are going to have to produce 56% more crop calories than in 2010 -- and that means that land nearly twice the size of India will be needed. Closing these gaps is "harder than often recognized," according to the report. The authors suggest there are several ways to keep people from starving and to keep the climate crisis at bay, but the most impactful way to do this may be to cut the consumption of ruminant meat.”

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The Collapse of Civilisation 101 By Peter West

     Civilisations collapse when the elites become self-destructive in their greed and evil. This is a theme common to much of the reporting at this blog. Is it true? A scholarly book explores the same theme:  Anne Glyn-Jones, Holding Up a Mirror: How Civilizations Decline, (Imprint Academic, Thorverton, 1996). There is also a very good video about this which can serve as Collapseology 101, an introduction to this topic by Paul Joseph Watson, who argues that almost every factor that led to the collapse of past civilisations, can be found in the West, and there are more as well, generating a situation of over-determination:

     First, on the Glyn-Jones book, there are informative remarks given in an interview, saving us time in reading the book:

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Dealing with Heart Disease By Mrs Vera West

     I have been reporting here on natural ways of dealing with heart disease, and for a moment of fancy thought that maybe in time we could get together the first blog book collecting everything. But now there is no need as this has been done in a tremendous book by Natural News, which has in a one stop shop all you need to know for natural treatment of the old ticker problems. It is excellent on diet, the key to keeping the heart healthy. And, best of all it is free: