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Castro, Gastro, It’s All the Same by Peter West

The communist tyrant, Fidel (not to be confused with my dog “Fido”) Castro is dead, dying on November 25, 2016 (1926-2016). The Cuban-cigar smoking, ful-smelling, dictator’s funeral will be graced by an Obama aide: This is symbolic of the Left’s admiration for someone who was truly monstrous.

While the Left mourns one of its 1960s icons, there is little lament about the Cuban homosexuals who were sent to labour camps to work to death, or the dissents and journalists destroyed by psychiatric warfare. There was over 15,000 political enemies alone executed, which dwarfs the death toll associated with some, not-to-be-named US political figures, well, by a little.

An excellent deconstruction of Castro is performed by Jim Goad at, who goes systematically through Castro’s alleged achievements, such as an improvement in hospitals, and shows that each of these is a myth. The  Left, still crying over his death, should read the article, but they won’t because, well, they are infantile, never having to be accountable for the human hellholes and death and destruction their ideology creates.






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Friday, 29 May 2020
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