Caravan of Migrant Job Seekers By Charles Taylor

     The Leftist globo-progressives said that the caravan of illegals invading the US border were all oh so poor refugees fleeing from terror for … freedom. Only problem with this hypothesis is that the people themselves have not said it, and in fact admit that they are coming to get jobs in the sucker West:

“Central American migrants with a caravan of 7,000 to 10,000 members are admitting once again that they are not asylum-seekers, but rather economic migrants looking for jobs in the United States. In interviews with the New York Times and the Guardian, caravan migrants admit that they are not eligible for asylum in the U.S. — despite establishment media reports that the Central Americans are asylum-seekers. From the New York Times:

Olvin Joel Lobo Reyes, 21, who said he left Honduras because of poverty and was seeking a job in the United States, arrived on Tuesday among a group of about 350 caravan migrants. He spent the night in a small shelter in downtown Tijuana that had no running water, and was planning to try his luck on Wednesday in Playas, a borough in western Tijuana. [Emphasis added] As for achieving his goal of getting a job in the United States, he had not figured out how he was going to do that. He was planning to wait for the bulk of the caravan to arrive because his understanding was that the group would march to the border en masse “and see what Trump says.” [Emphasis added]

One caravan migrant told the Guardian that he fully understands that he is not eligible for asylum in the U.S., but has continued the trek to the U.S.-Mexico border anyway:

“We came to work. I know I’m not getting asylum because they don’t give you asylum for hunger,” said Carlos José Romero, 20, from Santa Rosa, in Honduras, who arrived on Tuesday night. “But us on the caravan would rather die fighting than sitting in Honduras waiting to starve or be killed. If they deport us we’ll come right back.”

     Not only are most of the caravan illegals merely looking to take away jobs from Americans, but some are previously deported aliens, having a second or nth stab at getting in, and one illegal admitted that he was deported from the US after a conviction for attempted murder:

     Nevertheless, the globalist Left insists that all migrants are desperate refugees by the UN definition, and that all must be let in, or else, “racism” wah, wah.



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Friday, 30 October 2020
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