Cancer? No thanks! By Mrs Vera West

     The great site, natural, has a fantastic video series, based on the idea of opting out:

“The name comes from the philosophical realization that most of the bad outcomes people experience in life are self-inflicted, often unconsciously. In fact, most people inadvertently create the negative outcomes they would much rather avoid. This powerful philosophy — known as the “Opt Out Universe” mindset — rests on the principle of free will and the freedom to choose. You live in a universe where you can largely choose your outcome in life. So why not choose to be healthy and free from disease, debt, addiction and other negative outcomes? (Sounds simple, and it really is once you have the right knowledge…).”

     Opting out of cancer involves obtaining the knowledge about health and the environment, so as to not get cancer (e.g. proper nutrition), and if one does get it, knowing what to do to deal with it. My grandson’s friend’s father was recently diagnosed with inoperable cancer of the pancreas, and I was pleased to pass on some information which I hope will help. For the time, it is all on the web.



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Wednesday, 28 October 2020
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