Cancellation Culture on Steroids By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     Aussie friends, here is a taste of the bitter fruits of Leftism and multicult diversity, that you guys will experience, having followed our insane path; everything must go from statues of the Virgin Mary to the national anthem. How could this all be generated by a crooked white cop negligently killing a suspect? It was not, but has been sitting there on our necks, ready to go until this perfect moment, the endgame of the 1960s and previous revolutions:

Christopher F. Rufo

After passing the "Amazon Tax," Seattle City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant went on this unhinged rant. She threatens to seize control of the Fortune 500 and overthrow the "racist, sexist, violent, utterly bankrupt system of capitalism." If you oppose her? "We are coming for you."

Andy Ngô

     Graphic: Over the weekend, a group of antifa & far-left protesters tried to stop a patriotic rally outside the Olympia, Wash. city hall. Three far-left militants busted a man's head open using a baton. Shaelyn A. Reed, a convicted child rapist, was arrested for felony assault.

“Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant (Socialist Alternative) gave a speech Tuesday night after passage by the city council of the so-called Amazon Tax in which she vowed to overthrow the United States, replacing the government and society with a “socialist world.” HAL TURNER REMARK: Strip her of citizenship and DEPORT HER.   She clearly lied when she swore the oath of citizenship to uphold the Constitution of the United States.  Lying in an immigration procedure, voids it. Sawant, 46, immigrated from India as an adult with a B.S. in computer science from the University of Mumbai received in 1994. Once in the U.S., Sawant earned a Ph.D in economics from North Carolina State University and became a U.S. citizen in 2010. Sawant has served on the Seattle City Council since 2014. Lest anyone think this is hyperbole, here is the close of Sawant’s speech:

We are coming to dismantle this deeply oppressive, racist, sexist, violent, utterly bankrupt system of capitalism, this police state. We cannot and will not stop until we overthrow it and replace it with a world based instead on solidarity, genuine democracy, and equality – a socialist world. Before Sawant vowed to overthrow the United States, she threatened Amazon owner Jeff Bezos “and his class”, saying “we are coming for you and your rotten system.” I have a message for Jeff Bezos and his class. If you attempt again to overturn the Amazon Tax, working people will go all out in the thousands to defeat you. And we will not stop there. Because you see, we are fighting for far more than this tax, we are preparing the ground for a different kind of society. And if you, Jeff Bezos, want to drive that process forward by lashing out against us in our modest demands, then so be it. Because we are coming for you and your rotten system.”

     Go grrrrrrrrrl, go! Let us see how far your mob gets trying to eat the upper elite rich guys. You will see the police behave in an entirely different way then!     What will happen to her? Probably she will be handsomely rewarded with funds from friendly super-capitalist to keep up the good work. Depressing black pill stuff. Wilmot Robertson, in The Ethnostate, however, suggested that we in this more advanced stage of decay, should take on a wider historical perspective, which should lead to looking at things more on the bright side:

“Short-term pessimism and long-term optimism would appear to be the proper combination of moods for contemporary Western man. The Westerners who are obsessed with the dismaying dysgeny of the modem world and refuse to consider the time factor and its restorative powers are simply not being realistic. There is a mountain of optimism out there for people who take the long view. Men and women of European descent who note the decline in their numbers have a right to worry about the future, since numerically most other peoples are either holding their own or increasing. But even here there is room for optimism. Accepting 800 million as the current world population of Europeans, either in their original homelands or overseas, this figure is at least eight times higher than it was half a millennium ago. If a race can octuple itself in five centuries and reduce its size by half in three or four generations, as now looks to be the case, the least that can be said about it is that it has a very flexible birthrate. Such flexibility might enable it to reverse its present decline by increasing its current fertility rate by only 30%.

Europeans seem to go through cycles of massive energy outputs — the Dorian invasion of Greece, the folk wanderings that ended the Roman Empire, the settlement of North America and Australasia, the overrunning of Africa and considerable parts of Asia. Who can say that we have seen the last of such racial dynamism? But if it is to recur, let all the energy be directed inward towards the conquest of the mind, not the conquest of territory; towards genetic engineering and space exploration, not more affirmative action legislation. Albert J. Nock, the wise old American political philosopher, once tried to boost the morale of serious reformers, not the professional do-gooders and world-savers, by citing Isaiah (1:9), who referred to a “very small remnant” of good people in the world. Few of us ever meet them. Few of us ever know who they are or how many of them exist. But they are there, and they are always ready to help restore a sick people to health, just as in ancient times, according to the Old Testament, the Hebrew remnant rebuilt their ravaged and scorched Promised Land. Nock’s Panglossian view is a tonic to depressed members of white majorities. But it is hardly enough for the people who want immediate and tangible results from their labors. A more effective and enduring way to lift spirits might go like this: I’m right, so I will go ahead, come what may. If no one listens, so what? I would do what I’m doing even if I knew that my people were finished and didn’t have a chance of a comeback. Yes, my ship of state, my West, may be going down, but if she goes, I’m going to make sure that at least one member of the crew is still hoisting sail as she sinks. Say to yourself, if you must, that you are a prisoner of destiny, that you have little or no choice. But also say that since you are locked into the struggle, you may as well make the best of it.”

     That, we will.



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Thursday, 22 October 2020
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