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Canada will be Part of China Even before Australia! By James Reed

     I hope you are impressed, for we are dragging out gems of information that the mainstream media here is not reporting on. Take for example Clive Hamilton’s analysis of China’s takeover of Canada. This surprised even me:

“Some experts suggest the problem of Chinese soft-power interference is much more pronounced in Australia and New Zealand than here. Do you agree? I think it’s more of a problem in Canada. Yes, Australia’s economic dependence is higher — in terms of trade — but when I look, as I have been doing, at the subtle but intense influence of China on Canadian institutions — parliaments, provincial governments, local governments, universities, the intellectual community, the policy community — it makes me deadly worried. Can you give some examples of what disturbs you so much here? When I was last in Canada — in Ottawa, a few months ago — I was pretty dismayed at the extent of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) influence in the federal Parliament. I should probably not say any more to stay on the right side of the libel laws.

I have also been dismayed by the brazenness of friends of the Chinese Communist Party and their activities. I’m thinking, for instance, of Chinese students on university campuses, and the really extraordinary attack on the Tibetan student who was elected … president of the (University of Toronto Scarborough campus) student union. My response is to ask what are the authorities doing about this — the university authorities and political authorities? I think that’s the real measure of China’s influence. I’m kind of dismayed at the apparent unwillingness of authorities to defend those essential democratic principles, including in this case the right of a minority person to participate in the democratic process on campus.

     It is not too hard to see where this is going as Canada loses what little independence it had. It also gives us Australians a glimpse of how we will go down, for our elites and politicians long ago surrendered, and are just eating what remains of Australia’s resources before the whole lot is lost forever. Such is the fate of people who allow things to happen with no resistance.

Authorised by K. W. Grundy
13 Carsten Court, Happy Valley, SA.



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Wednesday, 08 July 2020
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