Canada Transforming into a Sharia State By Peter Ewer

     The West slowly commits suicide. It is a long drawn out process, a death of a billion cuts, but it is being done. Every day, and in every way.

“This fall the Liberals are bringing forward Bill C75, which will change the range of penalties for a long list of serious crimes in Canada.” The three that are enumerated here all involve Islam: someone who abducts a 13-year-old girl will not face prison. This will give free rein to Muslim rape gangs. So will the relaxation of penalties for human trafficking. Then there will also be relaxed penalties for participating in a terrorist group. Trudeau seems to be paving the way for making Canada into a sharia state. These are the first steps toward accepting Islamic law.”

     Should Trudeau even be holding office? Shouldn’t he be lady-like and politely allow someone much more diverse than him to rule? And, isn’t he too white, nay, pale,  to rule the multi-coloured decaying state of Canada?

     Australian multiculturalism was modelled on Canada’s insane, undemocratic experiment, so the above material gives a good indication of where we are headed.



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Tuesday, 20 October 2020
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