Canada’s Immigration Crisis By James Reed

     Even though Donny Trump does nothing but throw out a few insults to liberals, he is still taken to be responsible for almost every bad thing in the universe, from the New Zealand event, right through to the immigration crisis of Canada:

“ … during an end-of-year interview with Global News, the Canadian leader accused President Trump's 'racist' immigration policies of provoking a worsening immigration crisis in Canada, as more immigrants seek to flee north, fearing a 'hostile, anti-refugee' climate in the US. When asked what he believes is to blame for the worsening crisis, which this year led to the Canadian government putting asylum applicants up in 3 star hotels after shelters - including one in a stadium in Montreal - filled to capacity, Trudeau said it was Trump's policies, not Trudeau's infamous 2017 tweet advising migrants that Canada would offer safe harbor to anybody fleeing persecution, that inspired thousands of migrants to flee north from the US into Canada.

Justin Trudeau

To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada

6:50 AM - Jan 29, 2017
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Migrants are choosing to flee the US for a reason, Trudeau said - and not because of a silly tweet. Put another way: Trump's tweets are to blame, not Trudeau's, for inspiring some 35,000 migrants to cross into Canada at "unofficial" entry points along the US-Canada border. "If people are in the midst of migration around the world right now, it’s not because of a tweet restating - almost word for word - Canadian policy on refuges, because that’s exactly what it was," he said in a year-end interview with the West Block’s Mercedes Stephenson. "And certainly, if people are fleeing the United States right now and are choosing to leave the United States right now, it’s not something I said. It is perhaps domestic realities within the political context in the United States that is driving people to move or to make those certain decisions." At issue is an agreement called the 'Safe Third Countries' protocol, which governs the processing of asylum claims between the US and Canada. It states that migrants must declare asylum in whichever country they land, but includes a loophole that allows migrants who originally landed in the US to file a valid asylum claim if they cross into Canada through an "unofficial" checkpoint.”

     Trudeau, once the Jacinda Ardern of the north, has previously indicated that Canada is a vast land that can accommodate all of the refugees and migrants of the world; he has never indicated any limitation upon humanitarianism. Hence, he is inconsistent to be now claiming that there is any sort of immigration crisis, and he should go back to his previous stance of welcoming all those fleeing from the “terror” of Trump. He needs to embrace his inner Jacinda, and let infinity migrants in:



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