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Can US Civil War and Collapse be Avoided? Probably Not By Chris Knight

     Mike Adams has released an emergency alert dealing with the revolution in the United States, and how Trump might be able to save America, and ultimately the West, from the Deep Staters, tools of the global financial elites, destroying the world, burning everything to a crisp. This is no exaggeration since the US Deep Staters are keen to have a war with Russia, a country which has been developing super-weapons, while the US under Obama, has been worrying about transgender bathrooms. There is no doubt in my mind that the US would lose any such war because Russia is just tougher and willing to fight to the finish. America is just a little girl now.

     This is a great video, but I doubt that Trump will move to have the arrest of Obama and Hillary Clinton. Indications are that he will be impeached by the coming wave of communist Democrats. Whether Americans have enough testosterone left to stand their ground is debatable. I would not put my money on it. The likely future is a decaying society much like Venezuela, which will be the West, everywhere, if good men continue  sit on their hands. Oh, that reminds me, who has contacted the Independents about the Indonesian free trade open borders agreement? We have our own battles for survival here.



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Tuesday, 26 May 2020
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