Can Conservatives Ever Awake Up? By Charles Taylor

     Well blow me over! Our furry masked “friends” the Antifa, best known for bashing conservatives, do not have accounts that violate twit Twitter’s standards. Now, why would that be?

“Twitter does not currently believe accounts expressing support for the violent extremist “Antifa” movement, including the account linked to last week’s brutal assault on journalist Andy Ngo, are in violation of its terms of service according to a person familiar with the situation. According to the source, Twitter believes that the “Rose City Antifa” account, the official Twitter presence of the Portland-based mob behind the attack on Ngo, is not currently in violation of the platform’s terms of service. This seems at odds with Twitter’s rules in a section titled “violent extremist groups” which reads, “Groups included in this policy will be those that identify as such or engage in activity — both on and off the platform — that promotes violence.”

     Maybe the coming legal action by Asian journalist Andy Ngo will test their theory, with a few million dollars on the table for the gamble. On the ever-popular white genocide theme, some further mainstream evidence, although that is my interpretation, but a reasonable one:

“White minority 'targeted' in South Africa

White farmers in South Africa are being murdered at a rate of more than one a week as the country's government vows to seize back land without compensation. News Corp Australia chief reporter Paul Toohey, who traveled to South Africa to investigate, has told Sky News politicians are choosing not to support vulnerable farmers from random violence.”

     And they say that white genocide is a conspiracy? Sure, keep believing it until it is too late, then, ha, ha, suckers!

     And on a minor note:

“The AfroFuture music festival in Detroit is charging white people double the price for a ticket compared with people of color, in a move they claim will ensure marginalized groups are given “equitable chance at enjoying events in their own community.” The festival, scheduled to take place August 3rd, offers different pricing structures depending on whether the attendee is white or a “person of color.” For white people, or “non-persons of color,” early bird tickets cost $10, compared with $20 for people of color. For those purchasing tickets closer to the event, white people will pay $40, compared with $20 for people of color.”

     Well, if you don’t want to pay the price, don’t be there! Why are you there anyway?

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