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California Trumps Even Our Universities! By Mrs Vera West

     Here in Australia the femocrats are just getting started on pushing for greater numbers of women in top corporate jobs. Yes, the elites may have thought that political correctness was for others, but not themselves, but they sure have got that one wrong, just ask Julia Gillard:

     Once again, Kalifornication is showing the West where this will go:

“California just took a crucial step toward increasing the number of women on corporate boards. State legislators passed a bill Wednesday that would require publicly-traded companies headquartered in California to place at least one woman on their board by the end of next year — or face a penalty. Research shows that female representation on boards is key for women's advancement in corporate America. Women on boards are more likely to consider female leaders for the C-suite and choose more diverse candidates for the board itself. If the bill is signed into law by California governor Jerry Brown, it would be the first state to take such a step. Unlike some European countries, the United States doesn't mandate female representation on company boards. A majority of companies in the S&P 500 have at least one woman on their boards, but only 25% have more than two, according to a study from PwC.

But setting quotas for representation can be controversial, says Vicki W. Kramer, lead author of the landmark 2006 study, "Critical Mass on Corporate Boards." Opponents argue that pressure from quotas will lead to unqualified female members and potential discrimination against male candidates. When quotas are not set, however, companies fail to diversify their ranks enough, Kramer says. She points to more "aspirational" legislation in other states, like in Pennsylvania, where a 2017 resolution urged both public and private companies to have a minimum of 30% women on their boards by 2020. But without teeth in the law, Kramer says, better numbers won't follow. "That's the big thing: will it change the numbers?" Kramer says. "It takes a lot of pressure, but that has to be sustained pressure and so far, it hasn't been enough."

     Of course it will never be enough, not while a single living man has any job. Presumably if men simply disappeared that would be the first step on the road to gender equality, but only the first step. Maybe time travel might be needed to correct every historical injustice that ever occurred, wiping out the space-time lines of oppressive males, namely them all! Hence, nothing short of “the end of men,” seems to be needed and there is even a book about it:

     Wiser feminists have seen that this end of men scenario will also mean, the end of civilisation, as the entire tent of the world collapses:

     In this video Camille  Paglia and Jordon Peterson discuss how civilisation could collapse in a weekend, through single points of failure. Frightening stuff. Paglia, to her credit says that it will be men who rebuild the world. Hopefully they will not make the same mistakes next time round.



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Tuesday, 26 May 2020
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