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California Leads the Way in the Collapse By Chris Knight

     We talk a lot about the coming social collapse here, but we are not the only ones, for much raw material can be found in mainstream sites, if one looks. Take California, the great liberal progressive experiment, for example:

“California is home to some of the world’s toughest environmental and public health laws, but skyrocketing homelessness has created an environmental and public health disaster. The 44,000 people living, eating, and defecating on the streets of L.A. have brought rats and medieval diseases including typhus. Garbage is everywhere. Experts fear the return of cholera and leprosy. And homelessness is making people violent. “We are seeing behaviors from our guests that I’ve never seen in 33 years,” said Bales. “They are so bizarre and different that I don’t even feel right describing the behaviors. It’s extreme violence of an extreme sexual nature. I have been doing this for 33 years and never seen anything like it.” Bales says he was one of the people who urged the US Government’s Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) to intervene. “We’ve been crying out for a National Guard-like response,” said Bales, whose church provides food, showers, and shelter to 1,350 people camped nearby. In 2016 Bales lost the lower half of his leg to a flesh-eating bacteria from contamination on Skid Row. How did things get so bad in California? The state has long prided itself on being humanistic and innovative. It is home to some of the world’s largest public health philanthropies, best hospitals, and most progressive policies on mental health and drug addiction. The Democrats have a supermajority. What went wrong? According to Bales and other experts, California made homelessness worse by making perfect housing the enemy of good housing, by liberalizing drug laws, and by opposing mandatory treatment for mental illness and drug addiction.

     Yes, the mania for reform sand progressive politics simply self-destructed. This is a microcosm of what is happening all around the West. It naturally raises the question of when it all will fall apart, and that too, once only voiced by people like us, is getting more mainstream discussion now, so things must be bad:

“The next major crash has begun in the form of plunging fundamentals, and far too many conservatives are placing their heads in the sand for the selfish sake of proving the political left wrong. Declines in US manufacturing, US freight, global exports and imports, mass closures in US retail, as well as all time highs in consumer debt, corporate debt and national debt are being shrugged off and rationalized as nothing more than “hiccups” in an otherwise booming economy. The Fed's repo market purchases, barely keeping up with demand from liquidity starved corporations are also not being taken seriously. Conservatives and analysts are going to have to forget about supporting Trump, a Rothschild owned proxy, and start acknowledging reality once again. The only question now is, will the elites allow the crash to spread further into mainstreet and strike markets before or after the 2020 election?

As noted above, to predict the timing of a collapse in a nation or empire, one has to examine the agendas of the elites that dominate its institutions. We can gain some sense of timing from the public admissions of globalist organizations like the IMF and the UN. Each has announced the year 2030 as a target date for the finalization of globalization, a cashless society and sustainability goals. This means that the elites have around ten years to create a crisis and then “solve” that crisis with globalism. Ten years is a narrow window, and if the elites intend for conservatives to take the blame for the next crash, they will have to initiate it soon. They may not have a choice anyway, as the chain of dominoes was already been set in motion by the Fed in 2018 with its liquidity tightening policies. We can also gauge timing of a collapse to a point by understanding the common tactics the establishment uses to hide what they are doing.  Generally, when a collapse is about to accelerate the elites use crisis events as cover to distract the public and produce scapegoats.  In my article 'Globalists Only Need One More Major Event To Finish Sabotaging The Economy', I outlined three potential distractions that could be used in the near term, and if any of these events took place, then people should watch for the collapse to move faster.  Two of these events now appear imminent:  The first being a war with Iran, and the second being a 'No Deal' Brexit.

Finally, we can take into account the globalist need for a scapegoat, and it appears that conservatives and nationalists are their target for blame.  This leaves less than one year for a crisis event if Trump is intended to leave the White House in 2020, or less than four years if he is intended to stay in for a second term.  Keep in mind that A LOT can happen in a single year, and a second Trump term is certainly not guaranteed yet. But why create a collapse in the first place?  Crash events allow the establishment to consolidate control over hard assets as poverty forces the population to sell what they have to survive. This poverty also creates fear, which makes the public malleable and easier to control. Each new crisis opens doors to political and social changes, changes which end in less freedom and more centralization. Collapse is a succession of crashes leading to a complete erasure of the original society. It's not a Mad Max event, it's a hidden and insidious cancer that takes over the national body and warps it into a wretched form.  The collapse is complete when the nation either breaks apart, or is so damaged for so long that no one can remember what it used to look like.

What we are witnessing today is the beginning of a new crash, and the final phases of a collapse of our way of life. The economic boom narrative among conservatives is a farce designed to trick us into complacency. The bubble that we warned about under the Obama Administration has been popped under the Trump Administration. Nothing has changed in the ten years since the 2008 crash except that the motivation for keeping the crash hidden is quickly disappearing. Crashes are inevitable, but collapse is only possible when the public remains unprepared. Our civilization and its values are under attack, but they can only be destroyed if we stay apathetic to the threat and refuse to prepare for their defense.  We must adopt a philosophy of decentralization.  We need localized and self sufficient economies, as well as a return to localized production.  Beyond that, we have to prepare for the eventuality of a fight.  The fate of the US economy has already been sealed, but the people who are destroying it can still be stopped before they use the collapse to force society into subservience.  We have to offer security, we have to offer alternatives to the "new world order" and we have to remove the globalist threat permanently. Make no mistake, we are living in the midst of an epoch moment; the outcome of collapse depends on us and our reactions. This is not the task of the next generation, it is a task for our generation. We do not have another couple of decades to take the danger seriously. The plates are not spinning, they have already dropped.

     My view, going out on a limb, is that we are already in the crash process, that will accelerate during 2020. This year is a rough ride right over the cliff, and if we want to survive, families need to prepare now. Here is some help: from a good Christian site that can give you all the information you need: to survive:

“The collapse will bring out the best and worst in all of us. Many of us will question why the collapse has happened. Many of us will wonder if God is punishing us for our personal or collective national sins, including abortion, promiscuity, pornography, drug addiction, and allowing other types of idols to creep into our lives. Now that the deceptive shackles of toys, gadgets, and other distractions have been stripped away, many of us will be sincerely looking for answers to some difficult questions: Why did my best friend die, but I survived? Why are there so many people who are dying of hunger? Why doesn’t the government do something about it? Is it really true that some people purposely caused this to happen? How could they be so evil? How could a loving God allow all this suffering and death to occur? Am I going to be the next one to die? I really believe that it is in such a situation that more people than ever before in human history will be open to hearing about the gospel message. As long as so many of us were comfortable in our pre-collapse cocoon, there was very little urgency for many of us to ponder spiritual matters, unless some major trial came along. However, now, when faced with a true life and death situation, many of us will really dig deep down inside of our innermost beings and ask the truly important questions in life: Is this all there is to life? Why am I here? Now what?

So, if someone told you ahead of time that there will be a very large number of people in the future looking for answers to these spiritual questions, what should you do? Besides preparing physically for the collapse, how can we be prepared for it, spiritually? Obviously, first and foremost is to draw closer to God, in prayer and holiness. However, what else can we do right now to help those multitudes in the future who will be sincerely seeking spiritual meaning and peace? What resources are available now that will either be extremely scarce or no longer around after the collapse hits? Personally, I have chosen to purchase a lot of New Testaments. Why the New Testament? It’s cheaper than a Bible, and it’s a great way to get seekers and new believers into the Word. Save the full Bible for the people that really want to go deeper in their studies. New Testaments also contain the Book of Revelation, which explains many of the prophetic end times events that will be occurring during a collapse/tribulation scenario. If someone is truly looking for spiritual answers, imagine gathering a group of people, all with New Testaments, and reading about not only an explanation of tribulation events but that God wins in the end! In Revelation 3:10, Jesus instructs his church to “endure patiently,” and in verse 11, to “hold onto what you have, so that no one will take your crown.” I submit that those of us who are Christians have an obligation to help others in the future to “endure patiently” during all of the post collapse challenges ahead, to encourage them, to give them hope, and to never give up.

We will also need to be realistic. There will be many Christians who will die for their faith in the post collapse world (“…and they will put some of you to death.” [Luke 21:16]). Notice it doesn’t say, all, but some will die for their faith. This means that many will survive. Why will they survive? For what purpose? “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.” (Matthew 24:14). So, in all this talk about survival, it’s not all just about what are you going to eat and drink to how to make it to the next day. In the midst of all of the post-collapse ruins, when so many will be struck by an impending sense of doom, those of us who are believers are called to be a witness, to give testimony to others, to not only offer them hope, but to help them enter into the kingdom of heaven. This is what we are called by God to do. The post-collapse world will cause a major paradigm-shift in our priorities. Such material things as electronic devices will suddenly diminish in importance. A person’s feelings of self-worth and happiness will, for the most part, no longer be tied to such temporary and false idols. For those of us who truly break the binds of such traps, it will actually be a liberating experience. Imagine the true joy experienced by the person who finally finds the true peace of God in their life, no longer distracted by materialism and mechanical gadgets, which only brought a false sense of happiness. Imagine the amazing joy of helping others to overcome years of accumulated sin in their lives, whether an addiction to materialism or other forms of filth, giving their lives to God instead of worthless idols. Now, that’s a calling in life with eternal rewards!”

     This more than ever is a time to move away from dependency upon material things, necessary as a bare minimum is, and to live more spiritually meaningful lives, which will make things easier to endure the suffering that lies ahead.



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Tuesday, 26 May 2020
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