But, Why Has it Been Left to the Left? By Mrs Vera West

     Reflecting on the LGBTI – have I forgotten any letters – Kevin Donnelly says: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/opinion/wear-it-purple-day-and-other-culturalleft-moves-sending-us-puce/news-story/7c3252539f51320173ef3ab78aa38718

“Given the re-emergence of the Safe Schools program, a NSW primary school putting on a Stolen Generations play where children dress as nuns and victimise Aboriginal children, and the Australian Education Union’s campaign to promote the LGBTI Wear it Purple Day, there’s no doubt that the cultural left now dominates our education system.

The overwhelming majority of parents send their children to school to learn the basics, to socialise with other students and to acquire the knowledge and skills to be good citizens and to be better prepared for further study or the workforce.
But the cultural left’s Australian Education Union and like-minded bureaucrats and academics are using the education system and schools to radically reshape society by indoctrinating students with Marxist-inspired, politically correct ideologies.

The Safe Schools program indoctrinates children with the belief that gender and sexuality are fluid and limitless, and Roz Ward — who helped design the program — argues, “it will only be through a revitalised class struggle and revolutionary change that we can hope for the liberation of LGBTI people”.
Like the Safe Schools program, those organising the Wear it Purple Day are committed to “ensuring diverse expressions of sex, sexuality and gender” and it should not surprise that the organisers actively support the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.”

     Ok, that’s quite enough. What preoccupies my mind is why people since the 1960s have put up with all of this? Why did White conservatives vote for Don Dunstan in the 1960s, when there was a White Australia Policy, which he worked to dismantle?

     Why are the people putting up with all of the above now? I know some democratic types will be quick to defend “we, the people,” because, I suppose it is not good for conservatives to make the ordinary folk feel bad. They are supposed to be the heroes of history; that is the democratic myth.
Yet, there is a problem here that is seldom addressed. If I was a member of the power elites, I would sneer at “we, the people” seeing them as, well, sheeple, there to be used agriculturally, as they are. Trillions of hours of activist energy has been spend in a vain effort to “awaken the people,” but most people passively stand by while infinite evils are committed. A few take even this cowardice and apathy to an extreme, and have stood by while loved one’s are raped and murdered. It is easy to find these examples from an internet search. Less extreme, we find even the left ABC reporting that “’Weak’ Parents are Raising a Generation of ‘Prince Boofhead’ Boys,” http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-08-24/weak-parents-are-raising-a-generation-entitled-brat-boys/8837368, so things must really be bad, even looked at from the standard politically correct perspective.

     This raises a most disturbing problem about democracy and the foundations of liberalism, which philosophers from Plato onwards have grappled with:  https://www.amazon.com/Democracy-Economics-Politics-Perspectives-Democratic/dp/0765808684
Don’t think for a moment that any collectivist proposal will solve this, as it only makes things much worse:

     The new problem is that politics now seems to be at an end, and the crippling plurality of postmodern societies all but ensures that the future will be chaos and collapse, the age of discord and disintegration:
and, that’s just the mainstream media.

     At least we have warned good folk who are the remnent, about what is coming. I am sad to be so old and sick, and unable to do much beyond write a few articles, which increasingly exhausts me and leaves me depressed and unable to sleep that night. I see disaster coming, but I am essentially helpless and powerless. What’s your excuse?

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