Building Walls; Putting Libtards in Cages By Charles Taylor

     Here is the latest sampling of US libtards going mad over the alleged separation of illegal children from parents, their latest “big thing.” Yes, and if everyone is put together, imagine the potential for rapes:

     That is, of course, another argument for open borders. The point is that the libtards simply want open migration because they hate the society which has given them to many good things, and feel the need, as part of their migration religious cult, to be punished, by punishing everybody (that’s socialism!). So, the answer is to abandon the sort of consumer society which has enabled their success. It is just cancer control by nutrition and diet, on the social level. Thus, do not support the entertainment industry. Do not go to see movies, do not buy the  music and support in any way the industries feeding those who would seek to destroy Western civilisation. Don’t support any businesses openly involved in mass migration. Most of all, support the campaign to close down the universities, ground zero in the production of decadence.

     Here is more proof of the hypocrisy of the liberal elite chatterers: Obama did what Trump is trying to do, in all his weakness and cuckiness, but none dare criticise “the main man,” who will be their president for eternity:

     As argued in this article, the elite are now so pathological that they exist solely to destroy all that remains of the West, its people, history and traditions, and ultimately themselves in a flesh-tearing frenzy of psycho-political madness, while Normies sit on the couch, have a beer,  and watch it all happen, perhaps not even taking it all in:

     Our duty is to warn about where all of this is going to go, even if the reality is too painful for normies to get up from their comfortable couches.



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Sunday, 25 October 2020
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