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British White Privilege By Richard Miller

     Here is an update on some of the goings on regarding white privilege in Britain, something which will no doubt be happening here in little old Oz some time soon:

“The NHS must do more to tackle “white privilege” and increase black and minority ethnic (BAME) representation among senior managers and directors, a leading hospital trust chief executive has told Sky News. Sarah-Jane Marsh, chief executive of Birmingham Women’s & Children’s NHS Trust, says she will no longer sit on any interview board panel that does not include a BAME member, after figures for her own trust revealed ethnic minority candidates were less likely to succeed at interview. Across NHS England as a whole, 18% of the 1.2 million staff are from a BAME background, but just 5% of very senior managers are non-white, compared to 27% of the lowest paid support staff. Ms Marsh says the lack of representation at senior levels means the NHS is not as diverse as the communities it serves, and may not be getting the best possible staff. “I know that in the NHS we have got a problem with ensuring that we have the right people in leadership positions to represent the diversity of our workforce,” she said.

     From the photograph in the article, Ms Marsh is white. Therefore, she could be consistent by resigning her job and giving it to a Black person. It would be the British thing to do. Speaking of the British thing to do: 



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Monday, 06 July 2020
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