Britain: The Government that Keeps on Caring By Tom North

     This is the endpoint of British history, what all of those wars, fighting, great literature and science have come to: an endgame. The complete politically correct society, eager to erase everything from its past and start fresh. Thus, pay for a transgender killer to have a sex change, because that follows the policy of pc:

“The UK taxpayer will pay around £20,000 so a transgender murderer, accused of having sex with women in female prisons, can be flown hundreds of miles for a surgical sex change. Paris Green was born Peter Laing but began “identifying” as a female in 2011, before being jailed for life in 2013 for killing and torturing Robert Shankland. The victim was lured to a flat before being beaten so badly footprints were left on his neck, having a plastic bag forced over his head, and being sexually assaulted with a rolling pin. Despite the nature of her crimes, and retaining male biology, the killer began her sentence of at least 18 years at Cornton Vale women’s jail in Stirling, Scotland, but was moved after reports she was having sex with female prisoners in a cell. She will now have the sex change after being transported from her cell at HMP Edinburgh to a hospital in Southern England under constant guard, the Daily Record reports. However, Mr. Shankland’s family reacted angrily, insisting she should not be getting the operation on the National Health Service (NHS) because “it’s not lifesaving treatment”.

     However, not to do so would offend against the religion of equity and non-discrimination, one of the worst of the sins in the modern Inquistion:

     Clearly, people, including prisoners need to become more accepting of diversity and difference, because now it is everywhere, and homogeneity is a logical contradiction in terms, like a square circle:

     That explains why the noble British police, while unable to cope with knife crimes, and violence committed by garden gnomes, and other diminutive spirits,  must devote all of their resources to controlling the speech of those evil folk daring to criticise the religion of open immigration and multi-cultism:

     It is only the inclusive thing to do in postmodern diversity.



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Tuesday, 22 September 2020
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