Britain: A Post-Western Country By Richard Miller

     The prediction by demographer David Cole is that Britain will be a majority non-white by 2060, although there are good reasons to believe that this is optimistic and that it will happen much sooner, perhaps sooner than in Australia. As detailed in this video, “Britain Abolishes Itself,” the conservative party has recognised that if immigration continues then long before Britain’s white apocalypse, there will be a one party system, with the Labour Party, the party of migrants, gaining complete power and becoming unstoppable. Even by the next British election, there may be 120 seats with majority non-white, and most of these voters will be Labour.

     It is probably all over now for a political solution, just between you and me. Don’t tell anyone though, we would not want to demoralise them. Rather than hear all of this again from me, perhaps the impact may be greater by watching the video. There will be profound effects upon Australia, because Britain itself could well become a republic, which would make Australia a de facto republic unless the former king or queen decided to take up residence in Australia. It is more likely though that the republic push in Australia would become irresistible like the same sex marriage vote, where people just gave in, even if otherwise they might have opposed it.

     All this though is part of a general movement in Europe in becoming a multicultural police state, with critics of any of these issues from the Alt right not only be censored, but now subjected to police action: 

     On the other hand there are numerous articles on the net indicating that the police in Europe have difficulty getting into gear when non-whites are involved in sexual crimes. The URLs tell it all even if one cannot stomach to read the articles, much of this having been previously covered at this site by Mrs Vera West:

     Does anybody see something wrong with this picture? As argued in this article, surrender is not an option: 



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Tuesday, 24 November 2020
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