Brazil Does Well on Giving Guns Back to the People By John Steele

     President Bolsonaro, called the Trump of Brazil, has kept his election promises, unlike Donald Trump. He is moving to remove the restrictive gun laws that were put in place in 2012. Brazil has a high crime rate, and the ordinary people are tired of being raped, robbed and murdered; Brazil has the highest number of murders in the world:

     The previous Brazilian gun ban was a “declaration  of war against an unarmed population.”

“Claudio Sotero Júnior owns a store “selling bodybuilding supplements.” He has had the store for 12 years and “has been robbed at gunpoint six times since … 2006.” And three years ago, Sotero Junior “had to give up teaching kickboxing classes to pick up his wife from work every day after gunmen robbed and sexually assaulted her at a bus stop.” He said he wishes he could own a Glock handgun. Sotero Junior observed, “It’s not fair, we’ve become hostages in our own country, we can’t take it anymore.” A 47-year-old sales executive named Ricardo Gouvea echoed Sotero Junior’s sentiment, saying, “No one feels safe anymore … anywhere in Brazil. Everyone has a right to defend themselves.”

     Australians have gone back to sleep on the guns/self defence issue, but come the economic collapse and the hard and desperate times ahead, perhaps they too will begin a critical rethinking.



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Wednesday, 27 January 2021
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