Born, Not to be Wild, but “Racist” by Brian Simpson

A very good article by Alt Right journalist Jim Goad (, takes aim at the present politically correct mania that nobody is born “racist,” but that it is still necessary to have an unending amount of social and financial resources devoted to the anti-racist industry. He has the US in mind, but here in Australia, billions are spent on this mind control, so much that no figures of the grand cost is kept.

Stephen Rimmer in The  Cost of Multiculturalism (, put the 1991 cost at $ 2 billion a year, not counting the costs of immigration. When today’s infrastructure replacement costs are added in the total cost of what I call Australia’s Anglo-Saxon genocide program, and if we count temporary and permanent migrants, the total figure is about $ 160 billion. This cost gets covered up in total infrastructure costs, so it is never exposed by the elites. It is perhaps the core reason for Australia’s relative economic decline, as Rimmer noted back in 1992.

Chinese researchers at the university of Toronto (, have found that  the “no-one is born a racist,” idea has problems, since 9 month old infants associated faces of their own race with happy music, and other races with sad music. Another study found that under conditions of learning under uncertainty infants relied more on gaze cues from their own race adults than other races:

The researchers are in shock! horror! of these results,  but as Goad concludes: “… an objective researcher may have been tempted to conclude from these findings that perhaps infants are naturally tribal and may exhibit an evolutionarily acquired preference for people who are genetically similar to them.”
I concur, totally.



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Saturday, 28 November 2020
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