Booming the Boomers By Chris Knight

     Markus Willinger, Generation Identity: A Declaration of War Against the ‘68ers, (Arktos, London, 2013), is an identitarianism response to all the bad things happening in Europe, at least those things up until the publication date. It was published before the mass Muslim migration that has led to so much chaos, documented each day at numerous internet sites.

     The book aims to give a young European’s take on the dispossession of White Europeans. It has as its enemy, the “68ers,” which refers to the generation which became politically active around 1968, a time of massive social unrest across the West, especially Paris. It was a time that Marxists thought the revolution was coming, and that they would soon get power over life and death. This generation of Leftists hated everything about the West, and aimed, by a long march through the institutions, to destroy the West.

     Generation Identity is an open declaration of war against the 68ers, whose ideologies degrades all that is worthwhile, such as the family and relationships between men and women. These boomers are also portrayed as greedy, squandering the resources that belong to future generations. Multiculturalism, produced by mass migration, never impacted upon most of the boomers, who were removed from actually living next door to these people. It was all at the level of ethnic food, and good eating experiences. Anyone opposing this in any way was condemned as a “racist,” which is about the limit of the Left’s critical thinking.

     Worse, the 68ers are the real racists, who because of their false moral superiority, seek to impose their image upon the world: “You’ve buried Europe’s culture, and now you want to annihilate all the others. The world will never forgive you for this arrogance.” (p. 40)

     There is no concrete plan for action in the book, but plenty of righteous anger, for if you were young and facing the same fate, how would you feel?

“You fought against everything natural and killed everything that had grown up over centuries. Now we are bringing you to justice. We will tear the sceptre of power from your trembling hands. If you don’t want to give it up, we will fight you until you’re dethroned and rendered harmless. However long it may take, whatever it may cost, we will defeat you. Your era is at an end. We’ll sweep your delusional ideas out along with you. You should know that we will eradicate the power structures you used to dominate us, root and branch.”

     I wish them well. I would add that these young Alt Righters need to seriously look at the financial question and economic freedom, as in the end, next to the military option, this is how the elites keep us in line.

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