Bob the Butcher’s Top Pick for British PM By Bob the Butcher

     Gidday, Bob the Butcher here to talk about politics, and what a prime cut of meat that is! Here, let me wipe the grease off of my hands, onto my ever-clean blue and white striped apron so that my plump fingers do not slip too badly from the key board. There, all good and ready to go. So, who will be the top piece of pork to run the animal farm of the UK you ask? A good question, and something a butcher can answer. Much like house training pets, there is a head start if the potential PM is already schooled up in the way things go nowadays:

“Tory leadership contender and Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary Jeremy Hunt stood to attention for the Islamic call to prayer at a Ramadan feast in Whitehall on May 23rd. The Remain voter, who will become Prime Minister if he wins to contest to succeed Theresa May as Conservative Party leader, stood for the call to prayer at an Iftar — a sunset feast at which Muslims break their Ramadan fasts — alongside junior minister Tariq Ahmad, also known as the Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon. “Proud to co-host an Iftar [at the Foreign Office] with [Tariq Ahmad],” the Foreign Secretary posted on Twitter. “Britain’s Muslim communities make an invaluable contribution to our national life. Ramadan Mubarak to those celebrating in the UK and around the world.”

     Yes, he is the fellow; definitely well trained. Now what can I get for you chaps? Nice sausage meat, very cheap, very rich in fats … no need to cook it in beef dripping …

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Thursday, 09 April 2020
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