Ban all Scales! By James Reed

     This one falls into Mrs West’s area, but also mine on the insanity of the universities. How about people who are weight challenged, just smashing the scales? Sounds like a good idea; just get rid of the umpire and all of the problems of the game are solved:

“Students at colleges around North America are smashing scales to promote “body positivity.” Students at the University of Southern California and Nipissing University in Ontario, Canada, are hosting events that will allow students to smash scales in an attempt to promote “body positivity.” Earlier this semester, students at Nipissing University were invited to participate in an event called “Smash the Scales.” The event was created because “scales are something that make people feel inadequate,” according a local Canadian newspaper. “We want students to realize that weight does not define them. We have students who have gone through mental health struggles, have had illnesses or a traumatic event happen in which they’ve put on weight or lost weight,” the Nipissing University Student Union said in a comment. “We want them to be aware that no matter what they are going through the numbers on the scale does not define their worth in the eyes of others,” they continued. “It’s important for us to do because there are many students across Ontario dealing with eating disorders or body dysmorphia.”

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President Macron Stumbles into Racism! By Richard Miller

     No doubt, this parody of political correctness mean to be a pure as the snow driven through the mud, but his claim that women who have large families are uneducated, sounded elitist and racist, since it hit women of colour:

“Abortion supporters and population control proponents have frequently targeted those with large families — claiming that they are selfish or hurting the environment or that mothers of such families are somehow demeaning themselves compared to other women because they desired more children. French President Emmanuel Macron is the latest to insult people with large families, as he said women who mother such families are uneducated. His comments came in association with remarks trashing women in Africa for not exercising population control. The French president, who has come under fire over his views on Africa in the past, added that the future for the continent’s young people must be to stay in a revitalised Africa, and insisted it was “pure bull—-” to suggest he was telling African people from New York what to do with their lives. “One of the critical issues of African demography is that this is not chosen fertility,” said Macron, speaking at the Gates Foundation’s “goalkeepers” event on the margins of the UN general assembly in New York. “I always say: ‘Present me the woman who decided, being perfectly educated, to have seven, eight or nine children.”

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Get Ready for the Next Big Thing: Polygamy By Mrs Vera West

     The Left are working of the social acceptance of paedophilia, but are further advanced with the promotion of three way marriages and polygamy, which fits in well with multiculturalism.  This article refers to Britain, but in our globalist world, it will happen in Australia just as quickly:

“Natalie Bennett has said her party is “open to consultation” on the possibility of legalising polygamy and civil partnerships involving three or more people. The Green Party leader was responding to a question from a man living with his two boyfriends in a polyamorous relationship in London on Friday. Dr Redfern Jon Barrett, taking part in an event organised by Pink News, said people like himself in three-way relationships faced a “considerable amount of legal discrimination”. Ms Bennett replied that although the Green Party “at present” has no specific policy on legal partnerships involving more than two people, members could develop one and vote for it to be introduced.’

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Why Do intellectuals Fall for Socialism? By James Reed

     I wrote on this topic in a recent On Target, but shortly after its publication, came across the following interesting article, worth quoting by Friedrich Hayek:

“A proper understanding of the reasons which tend to incline so many of the intellectuals toward socialism is thus most important. The first point here which those who do not share this bias ought to face frankly is that it is neither selfish interests nor evil intentions but mostly honest convictions and good intentions which determine the intellectual's views. In fact, it is necessary to recognize that on the whole the typical intellectual is today more likely to be a socialist the more he his guided by good will and intelligence, and that on the plane of purely intellectual argument he will generally be able to make out a better case than the majority of his opponents within his class. If we still think him wrong, we must recognize that it may be genuine error which leads the well-meaning and intelligent people who occupy those key positions in our society to spread views which to us appear a threat to our civilization. 1 Nothing could be more important than to try to understand the sources of this error in order that we should be able to counter it. Yet those who are generally regarded as the representatives of the existing order and who believe that they comprehend the dangers of socialism are usually very far from such understanding. They tend to regard the socialist intellectuals as nothing more than a pernicious bunch of highbrow radicals without appreciating their influence and, by their whole attitude to them, tend to drive them even further into opposition to the existing order.

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The Great Spring Whiteout Sale: White Shift; White Genocide Charles Taylor

     A new book, explains the real consequences of immigration, and it  does have profound ethno-racial consequences, contrary to years of pro-immigration/ multiculturalism propaganda, and it does involve what has been called the Great Replacement:

     The new book is by Eric Kaufmann called Whiteshift: Populism, Immigration and the Future of White Majorities, and the book will apparently not be published until next year. Here is a bit from the page:

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Everywhere … the Smell of Pot Burning in the Morning By Chris Knight

     Boomers love their dope, cannabis or “pot.” For starters, Canada will have to soon change its pathetic politically correct maple leaf design, to marijuana leaves, now that they have moved into the new era of legalised dope:

“The Great White North could find itself in a great white puff of pot smoke as Canada makes history by legalizing marijuana. What started as an election promise by Justin Trudeau in 2015, before he was prime minister, has led to Canada becoming the second country in the world to legalize the production, sales and distribution of recreational cannabis. Uruguay broke the mould in December 2013, but Canada is the first country in the G20 to move forward with pot legalization. Cannabis is being legalized in Canada through the Cannabis Act, the first alteration to the Canadian Criminal Code as it relates to pot prohibition in 95 years. It allows adults in Canada to do the following:

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Letter to The Editor - Reformulation of the nature and significance of Jesus

To The Australian              Paul Kelly, in discussing the growing national disunity within Australia ("The main parties are divided because we are divided", 24/10), concludes that in public forums "everything is now dressed in moral clothes" and he sees this as "the consequence of the decline of shared religious faith." In that case, the first thing needed for national renewal is the revival of religion. That means more than rising numbers of adherents; it means better, profounder understanding of sacred tradition. Since Christianity is, in the historical context, our main religion, it is Christians most of all who must find a way towards fruitful change. This cannot be achieved by a stubborn clinging to belief in "orthodoxy", whether Catholic, Orthodox or Protestant. It means a reformulation of the nature and significance of Jesus, his life, teaching and death. It means, too, a different critical attitude to the Bible. This revision must result in a theology that is compatible with the other great sacred traditions on the planet. An exclusivist approach, involving insistence on "magisterium", "deposit of faith", creeds or articles simply won't do. The way has been shown by many great minds in the last two centuries, such as P. D. Ouspensky, Ananda Coomaraswamy and Rene Guenon; but too many church leaders and congregations shirk the challenge.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Feminists Hate Men and Wish that They Were all Dead! By Mrs Vera West

     Feminists freely profess their hatred of men, which borders on the criminal, if not, pathological.

“A retired history professor from Grinnell College and feminist announced that she wishes that “all men were dead” in a column for the Washington Post over the weekend. Retired history professor Victoria Bissell Brown published a bizarre column in the Washington Post on Friday in which she detailed an outburst she had at her husband that included her wishing for the death of all men. I yelled at my husband last night. Not pick-up-your-socks yell. Not how-could-you-ignore-that-red-light yell. This was real yelling. This was 30 minutes of from-the-gut yelling. Triggered by a small, thoughtless, dismissive, annoyed, patronizing comment. Really small. A micro-wave that triggered a hurricane. I blew. Hard and fast. And it terrified me. I’m still terrified by what I felt and what I said. I am almost 70 years old. I am a grandmother. Yet in that roiling moment, screaming at my husband as if he represented every clueless male on the planet (and I every angry woman of 2018), I announced that I hate all men and wish all men were dead. If one of my grandchildren yelled something that ridiculous, I’d have to stifle a laugh. The column, which is entitled “Thanks for not raping us, all you ‘good men.’ But it’s not enough,” reads like a passive-aggressive rant from the type of unhinged ideologue that makes most rational people think twice before self-identifying with the “feminist” label.”

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Australian Senate Says that it is NOT Ok to be White, But, Presumably, Ok to Work like Slaves for Globalist Masters By James Reed

     Well, Pauline’s motion had a predictable response from our pathetic politically correct Senate:

“Prime Minister Scott Morrison has described as "regrettable" his own senators' decision to back a motion declaring "it is OK to be white", while the Coalition's leader in the Senate has apologised and blamed an "administrative error".

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Are All German Critics of Immigration “Nazis”? Yes, By Definition By Richard Miller

     Part of the strategy of the globalists is to smear anyone, who in any shape or form criticises open borders immigration, as “Nazi.” Here is an example from Germany:

“Leftist suppression of freedom of speech becomes increasingly worse in Germany. Many students no longer dare to openly voice their opinion on migration policy, the Epoch Times reports. The Alternative for Germany (AfD) party received several reports from students who have been called Nazi for criticising Angela Merkel’s migration policy. From this school year, the AfD started a “Neutral School Initiative” in Germany’s second largest city Hamburg. Goal of the initiative is to battle political indoctrination and to strengthen a democratic and free discourse in Hamburg schools.”

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Dying in Kalifornication By Charles Taylor

     California is on the front line of the cultural degeneracy bringing down the West. If it can be done, California will do it, providing it smashes traditional Western society:

“A new Californian bill allows an individual to aid, advise, and encourage a person to commit suicide - and sign off on the method of suicide-while financially benefiting from the person’s death. FamilyVoice WA Director Darryl Budge is deeply concerned by this new depth to the slippery slope. "Introducing legal coercion to direct financial beneficiaries of a person's lawful killing would explode the cases of elder abuse, where murder, not just financial exploitation, will be the common result." "Family members who "encourage" the terminally ill into killing themselves will be granted full legal immunity, regardless of their motives for doing so. The patient would have to explicitly state in their will that any family member who encourages assisted suicide are to receive nothing," The Daily Wire reported. Yesterday an Australian man who stood to gain $1.4 million in life insurance was convicted of aiding his wife's suicide. Cases like this would be legal in California if this bill passes.”

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An Inconsistent Canadian Pullet By Bruce Bennett

     Here is ethnomasochism in action, as only cucked Canada can do.

“Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refused to directly condemn a violent attack on a young pro-life woman by a pro-abortion advocate that happened in broad daylight during a pro-life event in Toronto on Sunday. A video of the attack has gone viral on social media. Despite that video, self-avowed feminist Trudeau did not directly condemn the violence against the pro-lifer when contacted by LifeSiteNews Thursday morning. Instead, a media request to the prime minister was handed off to the minister of public safety. That office then issued a generic statement: "We condemn all forms of violence."

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Typhus Outbreak: Third World Here We Come, Ready of Not! By Chris Knight

     We have reported previously on San Francisco having a problem with people emptying their bowels on the streets, and unlike cats, not cleaning up their mess. Now there is an outbreak of typhus, something usually restricted to dark and dirty places, which is what the West is becoming:

“Descending into filth and destitution, dirty downtown Los Angeles has become a breeding ground for disease. The county Department of Public Health is now warning downtown residents that a new flea-borne bacterial disease is spreading from the city’s garbage heaps and rat population. This flea-borne typhus causes flu-like symptoms. Once infected, humans experience high fever, chills, headache, and rash. The infectious bacteria, Rickettsia typhi and Rickettsia felis, are transmitted by fleas. The flea may emit infectious bacteria from their feces. When a person scratches their skin, the bacterium can enter the epidermis and permeate the person’s bloodstream. The fleas are attracted to stray cats, opossums, and the city’s growing rat population. These animals do not get sick, but they bring the fleas closer to human exposure.”

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Political Correctness Comes to Mathematics By Brian Simpson

     Here was I as a high school maths teacher thinking that at least maths is free from the political correctness nonsense, but then I was sent a link to this article, and will have to think again. As one economist describes this:

“Math professor Ted Hill wrote an evolutionary theory paper on why male variability would be greater than female. It was accepted at one journal, but beore publication, pressure from Women in Mathematics led to the NSF asking that its name be removed as a grant source, then a co-author asking to be removed, then the journal accepting. A second journal heard about it, requested submission, accepted, but then removed the paper from its online site and put another paper of the same length there, after getting heat.”

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Dividing Up Britain By Richard Miller

     According to this paper from the Left, Britain is divided and the fault lies with, well, you guessed it, the usual kicking bags of the Left:

“Britain is hugely divided across cultural, age and education lines, a major study of national attitudes has concluded, warning of a potential rise in far-right and anti-Islam sentiments unless politicians tackle long-standing disaffections behind the Brexit vote. There is a particular chasm between people living in affluent, multicultural cities and those from struggling post-industrial towns, according to the report from Hope Not Hate, based on six years of polling and focus groups. The study by the anti-fascism advocacy group, “sets out to understand the drivers of fear and hate” in England, and where data is available, in Wales and Scotland. It uncovers the often glaring extent of geographic splits between people of varying attitudes, with opposition to immigration and multiculturalism correlating closely with socio-economic deprivation.”

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Yes, Womyn Can have Penises, And Penises are Social Constructs! By Mrs Vera West

     The big debate in transgender vs cis women sport was over a cycling race:

“The bronze medalist in last weekend’s female cycling championship isn’t pleased she lost to a biological male who identifies as a woman, Jennifer Wagner revealed this week. Wagner placed third in the women’s sprint 35-39 bracket of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) Masters Track Cycling World Championships Saturday. She lost to silver medalist Carolien van Herrikhuyzen and champion Rachel McKinnon, a Canadian-born philosophy professor who “identifies” as female despite being biologically male. McKinnon boasted that he was the “First transgender woman world champion...ever” and some have taken his win as a milestone for “equality” in professional athletics. But while van Herrikhuyzen embraced it as an “an honest race under UCI rules,” Wagner took to social media Monday to argue the race was “definitely NOT fair,” and that the current rules – brought about by a “human rights” settlement last year – were wrong.”

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Proud Boys, Not so Proud By Charles Taylor

     While members of the Left are free to post declarations of murder, while antifa generally get away with doing whatever violence that they will (this has been extensively covered by Mike Adams of Natural, and riots by migrants are now just the way business is done, any Alt Right group that makes any form of resistance will be smashed by Deep Globalist State Law Pty Ltd. Exhibit one: the Proud Boys:

“The founder of the far-right group the Proud Boys said on Friday that he was arranging the surrender of several members whom the police are seeking in connection with a violent brawl outside a Republican club in Manhattan last weekend. At the same time, a senior official said the police had opened a broad criminal inquiry into the group’s activities. Gavin McInnes, 48, a polemical far-right speaker who started the Proud Boys in 2016, said several suspects would turn themselves in. By late Friday afternoon, two of the nine men sought by the police had been arrested. A police official said a lawyer representing at least four of the suspects had called the 19th Precinct on Friday to work out the details of their surrender. Though it was unclear how many might face charges, Mr. McInnes said the rest would soon be in custody. “They are going to be in the Tombs,” he said.”

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Send in the Military! By Chris Knight

     Here comes the next wave of illegals from south of the border, down Mexico way, to attempt to break any form of US border control. Trump at long last has meekly suggested using the military to defend the US from an invasion of foreigners, just as China would do:

     The question is: who is funding the invading caravans, as these people are well prepared for their journey? And, it is done right in time to make it an election circus. President Trump has said that  a lot on money has been spend on this invasion, and of course, the false news folk deny this, saying that there is no evidence old Georgey is up to his usual tricks:

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Queering the Bible By Mrs Vera West

     Universities, at least in the US, and probably here in Ozzy, are running courses about queering the Bible, showing that the Bible is, I suppose, a gay document:

“We will examine biblical passages that are central to prohibitions on homosexuality and the larger discourses of heteronormativity (constructed around gender, sexuality, class, national identity, state formations, kinship, children, etc.) in which homophobic readings of the Bible emerge. We will also look at the ways in which these discourses and the identities they shore up can be “queered,” as well as at biblical texts that can be read as queer friendly. This process of queering will allow and require us to approach the biblical text in new ways. Pomona student Daniel Silverman told Campus Reform the course meets the high demand at the school for classes that contain topics representative of left-wing ideology.

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Putin on Nuclear War By Peter West

     Putin, what a man’s man! Trump needs to rub up against him just to get a bit more strength. Asked about threats to Russia and nuclear war, he stood his ground and said that Russia was unafraid of dying  “like martyrs” and a retaliation against aggressors would be so swift and brutal that they  would “die like dogs” bereft of the chance to ask for salvation.

     It is hard to imagine any other political leaders, such as the hollow “men” that rule us in Australia, having enough testosterone to say this and mean it. They were probably terrified to even read Putin’s words, words from a man who rides bears half-naked, carrying an AK 47.