Big Walls Make for Better Neigbours By Peter Ewer

     Forget fences, in this day and age of mass immigration invasions: nations need walls, thick, long and strong:

     How’s this for a headline: “Orban: ‘Europe Must Regain Sovereignty From The Soros Empire’, Build Border Wall to Stop ‘Muslimized Europe’”.  The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has made a passionate defence of  European values and identity at the Bálványos Summer University camp in Romania. He called on European nations to end their association with billionaire open-borders, mass immigration  financier George Soros, who Orban saw, has his vast wealth to fund pro-mass migration organisations to create a “new, mixed, Muslimized Europe. ” Orban said that the EU was in an “alliance against the people’s will” with the financier.
Orban said:

“In order for Europe to be able to live, it has to win back its sovereignty from the Soros Empire… Once this is done, migrants must be taken back outside the EU. It sounds strict, but those who came illegally, must be transported back.”  “We have to admit that the European continent cannot remain unprotected.”
“As long as I remain the prime minister, the fence will stay in place. We will protect Hungary and Europe.
We can never be in solidarity with ideals, peoples and ethnic groups who set out with the goal to change European culture… because the end result is collapse.”

     It is good to see one world leader taking a stand against the tyranny of the New World Order.



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Saturday, 19 September 2020
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