Big Just Got Bigger By John Steele

     Who says that dinosaurs do not still walk the Earth? There is going to be seismic events when two of the biggest steroid-soaked muscle men on Earth clash. The planet itself may shake.

“A bodybuilder branded “the scariest man in the world” has been signed up to fight an Iranian man mountain who has vowed to take on ISIS. Tribal tattooed Brit Martyn Ford has transformed himself from skinny wannabe cricket star to bodybuilder — and at 2.03m and 143 kilograms he makes a potentially mean prospect in mixed martial arts. But after signing up for Polish MMA organisation Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki (KSW), Ford is set to take to the cage opposite Iranian ace Sajad Gharibi, nicknamed the “Iranian Hulk”. The 1.85m hunk of muscle might be nearly 20cm shorter than Ford, but he weighs in at a whopping 178 kilograms.”

     Both of these men seem to hold to the old school values. They are aware that they are role models and are trying to live up to it for their cultures. This is what Ford said on an Instagram post:

“@martynfordofficial - This is how I like to start my days, with a good kick up the A***!!! Now, remember this is progression NOT perfection!!! The WHOLE point of me entering the MMA world is to INSPIRE the youth of tomorrow. I have been asked over and over again WHY NOW , well it’s simple, I’m very fortunate that I have been given such a public opportunity to show how with HARD WORK, FOCUS, DEDICATION that we can ALL achieve !!! Now, for me achieving is stepping into a cage, representing myself and the sport. To many children are lost in today’s world, give up to soon, and hold no value to life. If they can see myself, come from where I was, to where I want to be....well I hope to help inspire them to live a better life. If this upsets or offends people who don’t like the fact I am getting into MMA, well to be honest I couldn’t care less. As a MAN i want to help the vulnerable and be respected as a POSITIVE role model. Remember, we are all flesh and blood, to many of us forget what humanity means. @ksw_mma@rdx_sports #martynford #humanity.”

     Ok, a bit rough, and I censored any rude words,  but minor compared to what now goes down on night time TV. Overall, a good message for young men, whichever giant wins the match. 



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Tuesday, 27 October 2020
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