Beyond Vegan; Eat Air By Mrs Vera West

     I have always wondered about the vegan argument against eating meat, that the creatures involved are conscious, have values, so do not eat meat. But, what if the vegan is wrong in her metaphysics and plants too have consciousness?

“We tend to think of plants as helpless, passive green blobs, but a fascinating new study, in which scientists used fluorescent light to visualise alarm signals within plants, shows how our photosynthesising friends are able to mobilise their defences. New research published today in Science is providing an unprecedented view of the signalling action that happens within plants when they’re under attack. A second or two after a plant receives an injury, such as a chomp from a caterpillar, a warning signal radiates from the location of the wound, spreading out through the entire plant in a process that takes fewer than 120 seconds. The plant, now aware that it’s under attack — or at least, as “aware” as a plant can be — can respond to the threat by releasing chemical countermeasures. Scientists have known about this system-wide signalling system for quite some time, but the new study, conducted by researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Japan Science and Technology Agency, and several other institutions, is the first to show this remarkable defence mechanism in action. What’s more, the study offers new insights into the biological processes behind this nervous system-like signalling, which is still poorly understood.”

     Plants seem to have many of the qualities of consciousness, including the capacity of some level of self defence. Thus, they are probably more conscious that the average white European, who seems quite unconscious in this respect. Thus, the vegan argument would lead to starvation, so it is wrong. Let’s celebrate with a nice toasted ham, cheese and tomato sandwich.



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Tuesday, 27 October 2020
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