Beyond the University By James Reed

     This is a very interesting discussion by psychology professor Jordan Peterson, about the need to set up an online university:

     The argument is that the existing universities in the West are intellectually corrupt because of the death grip which cultural Marxism and other toxic doctrines such as postmodernism have on them. There is much written along these lines and the examples of absurdities flowing from the university system are many:

     Peterson believes that the online university will start with the great books of Western civilisation and move out from there.

     This is a good idea. However, he had his YouTube account suspended for no apparent reason (beyond being Socratically politically incorrect) and websites all across the world have fallen because the powerful do not want knowledge of the global conspiracy to spread to the masses, and particularly, for people to start to awaken from their chemical/culturally induced slumbers. So, there could be problems keeping the online university, online. It will be targeted by all the hacking trash out there.

     Still, we need to really rethink the whole concept and point of “universities.” Do we really need them at all? I think not. They are dated. Much knowledge can be transmitted online anyway, in a delocalised way. Central structures, as proposed even in Jordan Peterson’s enlightened model, seem to be already dated.

      We are already part of the global “university,’ or alternative university. We do not need to try to replicate a failed experiment, but instead need to move on.

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