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Beware of “Extremists” Fringe Dwellers, You Know, People Like You! By Peter Ewer

     After reading this, recognising that I am a fringe dweller, I have decided that I had better not associate with myself:

“Facebook enabled advertisers to target Australians who have expressed an interest in extremist ideologies including "fascism", raising concerns the social media platform could be used to stoke civil unrest and destabilise local politics. Ahead of a Federal Election expected to be contested heavily on border protection, Facebook's advertising tools could, as of last week, also be used to target Australians interested in "opposition to immigration" and "nationalism", the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age have confirmed.’

     Wait, I got this wrong, oh so wrong! It looks like in this instance Big Tech is not trying to ban me, but to help me with thoughtful advertising material to increase my consumer choice!  There I was reading all this American stuff about banning and getting the wrong picture. But what sorts of products does a nationalist opposed to immigration want? Maybe nationalist-opposed-to -immigration-books, but hasn’t Amazon got rid of that, and is now starting on the financial stuff, as we warned would happen? Seems to me that there are not too many things left that your friendly neighbourhood fringe dweller can buy, even if we had any money, which we don’t as the dispossessed majority, or minority. 



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Saturday, 04 July 2020
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