Becoming a Man: Well, Hurray Up! By Mrs Vera West

     My bee in my bonnet lately is about manhood, its fall, and how it could rise again like a phoenix from the ashes. To warm up, here is a great quote from an article on the same topic by Guillaume Durocher “Neither Wrath, Nor Cowardice:

“Anyone who studies the thought and ways of our ancestors can only be struck by their manly vigour and toughness. Material comfort and mass miseducation have taken their toll on modern Western man, turning him, with every generation, into a more and more effeminate creature. The ancients knew that without manly courage, political and personal freedom is impossible. One will not take the inevitable risks of living the truth without courage. Today, the great bulk of the men of the West do not have the courage to dare to even think the truth, let alone speak the truth, let alone act upon the truth. For the ancients, knowledge of the truth meant having the courage to even die for one’s beliefs if that were necessary. Effeminate cowardice was, for them, a great evil.”

     Durocher goes on to say that this warrior toughness, was not mere anger, for anger was an emotion which was usually not linked to cold hard rationality and manly planning. Anger leads to burn out.

     This article can be read alongside Arkos’ Daniel Friberg, “5 Steps to Become a Real Man,”:

     Basically the strategy revolves around both mental and physical changes. Mentally, one needs to abandon the worldview of the Left, communism, globalism, multiculturalism. Develop alternative traditionalist values such as gentlemanly virtues, combined with a warrior ethos, as was done in Asian martial arts. Move away from the things which women do, such as social media and chat. Get with your male tribe for serious male bonding, not idle drinking and talk. Hunt, fish, fight, train. Men who spend all of their time around women become women, and women need space to do their things without an emotionally dependent male clinging to mom’s dress, or pants.

     Physically men need martial arts and weightlifting to get the flow of testosterone going. Such activities are of intrinsic value, and the ancient Greek philosophers wrestled and engaged in physical culture. They would be appalled to see the men of today with their little pseudo-pregnant bellies; such obese men can hardly point piggy fingers at transgenders.

     Only if manhood can be regained in time can the battle for the West, and indeed the survival of civilisation take place. If civilisation does fall, then any survivors will by necessity have to have hyper-masculine values – even if they are women, so in the end, if the human race is to continue, manhood must survive:

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