Banning Everything: The End of the Internet? By Paul Walker

     Well, well, well … YouTube has banned an instrumental music group, musicians with no lyrics at all on grounds of hate speech. Wow, that is new, even abstract sounds can be racist/hate blah blah now! But, there is no ban on numerous music videos showing what most of us would call race hate: showing white Trump supporters being tortured to death, or a non-white group praising the grooming and rape of white children.

     So, no, it is no just videos promoting Nazi stuff, that is old hat and was done relatively long ago. Here are some basic items to bring one up to speed on the banning issues:

“I remind you that Soros and Brock have spent millions in pursuit of taking down voices in the U.S. critical of their plans to control not only what we watch but what we think. They want back the control over information that the oligarchy had in the era of the Big Three TV networks and print newspapers. They want to maintain control of The Wire. The Wire is the main conduit through which we communicate with each other.  Money?  Really?  Yes, really.  What are prices if not information about what we are willing to part with our money in exchange for?  … But identifying The Wire isn’t the important thing.  What’s important is knowing who controls The Wire and what they are willing to do to maintain that control. If you look at all of the things listed above {The Internet, Media, Money, Roads, Electricity} you will see massive government intervention into these markets.  They need control of them to maintain the illusion they have control over you.

This is far beyond the stopping the re-election of Trump at this point. This is a systemic and on-going digital “Night of the Long Knives” intended to stifle and rein in speech to limits acceptable to them. The goal is rolling a greater percentage of Google’s vast ad revenue back into the coffers of the dying Main Stream Media outlets. Google, YouTube and the rest of the Media are making their case very clearly. They are in control of information. You are the product and they sell you to the highest bidder. Vox is owned by NBC. All of the major media companies are feeling the loss of market share to people who provide real commentary on world events and counter the lies and narratives created by these Informational Oligarchs. … And they won’t stop trying to marginalize all of us until those who disagree with them are pariah, outcast and un-personed.

Google’s delusions of grandeur at this point also reveal its greatest weakness. Without ad revenue they are a shell. They don’t want to share it with you. So don’t whine …  Change your habits and go on the offensive.
It’s one thing to shore up one’s business like Crowder has with his Mug Club. That’s smart. It’s quite another for him, Alex Jones, Gab and all the others who have been harmed to band together and form a class-action lawsuit against these companies for breach of contract on the grounds of ‘reasonable expectation of service.’ Pushing for government regulation is exactly what Brock and Soros want. It will then ensure that Google, Facebook and the rest are even more bound down under the rubric of government controls. It furthers Marxian conceit that the free market can’t solve these problems. That this is what happens when capitalism is allowed to go unchecked. Google and Facebook go hog wild and are then able to use their ‘monopolies’ to abuse their customers.

And what better way to control The Wire again than to have all the social media and Internet on-ramp companies subject to even more government regulation. But that cannot be further from the truth. These people wrote Terms of Service which are fundamentally unenforceable and provide no ‘reasonable expectation of service.’ And their policy of wiping out some user’s business over night by the click of a mouse on an ad hoc basis has to raise that to a level of material harm high enough to start the legal challenge. You start a business on YouTube with a reasonable expectation of being able to attract an audience. No audience no business. Then once you attract said audience under one set of conditions, YouTube changing the rules to define your content as unacceptable and unilaterally taking away your revenue is fraud. Moreover, they are protected by exemptions from said prosecution because they are supposedly acting without editorial bias, which is patently untrue and provable with just a cursory glance at the content they still host. That said, it’s clear they are coming for our livelihoods here in their quest to maintain control. And so it is well past time to look at other ways for producers to connect with their audience. Donations and crowd-funding are fine but there has to be a better model, a sustainable one.”

     There various intent options, that people are exploring, since it is clear that the mainstream sites are at war with the deplorables. But, I think it will get even worse before it gets better, with total internet bans, China-style around the corner:

     Hopefully, the entire internet bubble will soon burst. We will not win this war through websites, but ultimately people need to get back to one-on-one conversion, as all religions recognised in getting converts. Back to people meeting and speaking to people, and paper, much more difficult to control. Kitchen table meetings, which are already being held in preparation for the Great Blackout.



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Sunday, 25 October 2020
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