Ban all Scales! By James Reed

     This one falls into Mrs West’s area, but also mine on the insanity of the universities. How about people who are weight challenged, just smashing the scales? Sounds like a good idea; just get rid of the umpire and all of the problems of the game are solved:

“Students at colleges around North America are smashing scales to promote “body positivity.” Students at the University of Southern California and Nipissing University in Ontario, Canada, are hosting events that will allow students to smash scales in an attempt to promote “body positivity.” Earlier this semester, students at Nipissing University were invited to participate in an event called “Smash the Scales.” The event was created because “scales are something that make people feel inadequate,” according a local Canadian newspaper. “We want students to realize that weight does not define them. We have students who have gone through mental health struggles, have had illnesses or a traumatic event happen in which they’ve put on weight or lost weight,” the Nipissing University Student Union said in a comment. “We want them to be aware that no matter what they are going through the numbers on the scale does not define their worth in the eyes of others,” they continued. “It’s important for us to do because there are many students across Ontario dealing with eating disorders or body dysmorphia.”

     It is typical university stuff; don’t promote sensible knowledge about exercise and diet, but instead, treat it all as political issue, one to be put in the political correctness folder. Too bad, when a little way down the track, ill health and disease come knocking on their door. Individual responsibility is a forgotten concept in a socialist world of precious snowflakes.



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Thursday, 22 October 2020
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