Baby Muhammad By Richard Miller

     Of course, it doesn’t show anything about mass immigration or changing demographics; people simply want diversity in names:

“The popular Islamic name “Muhammad” has broken into the top ten United States baby names for the first time ever in American history. The most updated list for popular baby names reveals that the name Muhammad is now the tenth most used name for newborn baby boys in the U.S., according to BabyCenter data. This is the first time in American history that the name has been included in the top ten most popular baby boy names.

     At first, I thought that this was Britain, but Europe is more like this:

“According to French political scientist Jérôme Fourquet, the number of newborn males with Arabic or Muslim first names has increased from just one per cent in 1960, to 19 per cent today. Fourquet noted that the decline in the French birthrate — there were 70,000 fewer children born in 2019 than in 2014 — has led to the growth of Arabic-Muslim names among newborns. He added that “sustained migratory flows, particularly since the beginning of the 2000s”, has also contributed to the trend, Le Figaro reports. “The study of the prevalence of types of first names among newborns makes it possible in particular to aggregate the strength of legal and illegal migratory flows, because, with some exceptions, all children born on French soil are registered with INSEE [France’s national statistics bureau], even if their parents are illegal,” he added.”

     The future is so bright we might have to wear shades!



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Friday, 14 August 2020
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