Babies Cost Too Much so Just Abort Them! By Mrs Vera West

     This is an example of how far down the road to degeneracy we have come; it is cheaper to abort babies than have them born!

“Earlier this week a California judge issued an order blocking President Trump’s new rules protecting Americans from having to pay for drugs and devices that may cause abortions. The ruling concerns the Obama mandate within Obamacare that forces Americans to pay for contraception, including drugs that can cause abortion that violate the consciences of a majority of Americans. In its arguments leading up to the judge’s decision, the state of California made a very disgusting argument as to why President Trump’s pro-life protections must be overturned and why residents of the Golden State and America must be forced to pay for abortion drugs. According to California and it’s attorney general, babies are just too darn expensive — so more babies either need to be killed in abortion or prevented from being born through contraception. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra argued in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California that a regulation issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services would prevent an insufficient number of California women from conceiving and giving birth to children.

     In California’s view, he argued, the problem is not that the federal government — under Obama’s regulation — was forcing Christians to act against their faith in actions that resulted in the destruction of innocent life. The problem is that under President Trump’s regulation, more babies might be conceived and born in California, and the state would be “forced” to pay for them. In Becerra’s view, babies that are not born are economically better than babies that are.

“Contraceptives are among the most widely used medical services in the United States and are much less costly than maternal deliveries for women, insurers, employers, and states. Consequently, the use of contraceptives has been shown to result in net savings to women and to states,” he argued in his first complaint to the court. “In California,” Becerra told the court, “48 percent of all pregnancies were unintended in 2010. Of those unplanned pregnancies that resulted in births, 64.3 percent were publicly funded, costing California $689.3 million on unintended pregnancies.” And there you have it. Because giving birth costs more money than abortion it’s economically better to just kill babies.”

     This is where the liberal humanist worldview ends up; putting human life on the scrap heap. It is a sad testimony to our times.



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Thursday, 15 April 2021
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