Aztec Multicult Enrichment By Charles Taylor

     There has been a storm of controversy over a school  mural painted by artists  in Chula Vista, California, who painted an Aztec warrior carrying the severed head of President Donald Trump on a spear. The warrior also carried a human heart, which alluded to the well-documented Aztec ritual of human sacrifice and cannibalism:

     Surely it is racist to object to such a mural, for it is an expression of cultural identity. If a group of people feel the need to depict the leader of their country disembowel, then who are we to object to this? It is good to know what kid folks think of us and the president. Having allowed the multicult to be created, enjoy it we must, in all its splendour. Oh, didn’t the Aztecs get whipped by Cortes? Any murals forthcoming on that one?



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Saturday, 28 November 2020
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