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Austrasia Needs More Polar Bears! By Brian Simpson

     Who loves Polar Bears? I do! It is great news that 52 polar bears have decided to raid the copious amounts of rubbish produced by a Russian town, rather than starving to death:

“Fifty-two hungry polar bears have occupied Guba, a work settlement in a remote Russian Arctic archipelago. The animals reportedly attacked locals, ransacked garbage dumps and barged into residential buildings, according to a government statement translated from Russian and released this weekend. The massive invasion of polar bears prompted regional officials to declare a state of emergency on Saturday (Feb. 9). "People are scared, afraid to leave the house … afraid to let their children go to school," Zhigansha Musin, a local school administrator, said in the statement. "Constantly in the village are from six to 10 polar bears." Belushya Guba is a settlement of about 2,000 people in Russia's remote Novaya Zemlya archipelago, which is best known for its spooky plankton blooms and apocalyptic nuclear bomb tests. It's not uncommon to see polar bears near the area's southern coasts, where they regularly converge in winter for seasonal seal hunts, according to Russia's state-run news site TASS. However, thinning sea ice caused by global warming likely drove the bears inland in search of more readily available meals, researchers from Moscow's A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution, a branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, told TASS. The allure of edible waste in Belushya Guba's garbage bins and dump sites likely stopped the bears from migrating farther north, the researchers said.”

     So, it is global warming again which is to blame. I ask you, is there anything not caused by global warming, apart from eternal white racism? Anyway, I like the idea of polar bears walking down the main street, and hope that Australian cities will attempt to capture this aspect of diversity, so that soon, we too can have polar bears eating our garbage, that I left in the streets to be eaten at present by giant urban rats. Now that’s my kind of multiculturalism!



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Sunday, 31 May 2020
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