Australia? Are We Next? By James Reed

     China is beginning its movement south, and is now in confrontation with Indonesia. Will Australia simply dissolve in the New World Order that is fast approaching?

“Indonesia’s air force deployed four fighter jets to the South China Sea on Tuesday in a stand-off with Beijing after Jakarta protested over a Chinese violation of its exclusive economic zone. The stand-off began in mid-December when a Chinese coast guard vessel, accompanying Chinese fishing boats, entered waters off the coast of Indonesia’s northern Natuna islands, prompting Jakarta to summon Beijing’s ambassador. The issue has soured Indonesia’s generally friendly relationship with China, its biggest trading partner and a major investor in Southeast Asia’s largest country. Fajar Adriyanto, the air force spokesman, said four F-16 jets had been conducting flights over the islands, though he also played down fears of any confrontation with Beijing. “They’re doing standard patrols to protect our sovereign area. It just so happened that they’re patrolling Natuna,” Adriyanto said. “We don’t have the order to start a war with China.” The South China Sea is a global trade route with rich fishing grounds and energy reserves and China claims most of it based on what it says is its historic activity. But Southeast Asian countries, supported by the United States and much of the rest of the world, say such claims have no legal basis. On Monday, Indonesia said it was mobilizing fishermen to the northern Natuna region and had deployed several naval ships.”

     This is the latest in the on-going conflict over China’ claims in the South China Sea. Regardless of the US/Iran situation, wars are almost certain to happen in this region at some point in the future. Human nature will never let you down in your low expectations. Buckle up your seatbelt, yet again, as the world goes into a tail spin.

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Thursday, 02 April 2020
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