Attack of the Astonishing, the Amazing, Meth Zombies! By John Steele

     There, I said that the long-awaited zombie apocalypse was happening, but nobody believed me, even in the gun shop!

“A once quiet town in rural Queensland has become a haven for criminals - and local residents claim a devastating ice epidemic is to blame. Finch Hatton – a sleepy town in the Mackay Region – has seen a 350 per cent spike in crime in the past six years. Residents are even more on edge after a number of businesses were targeted by thieves, Finch Hatton General Store manager Ashley Jones told Daily Mail Australia. There has been an increase in the number of drug-related arrests in the Finch Hatton division since 2003, Queensland Crime Statistics show. There were 43 drug-related arrests made last year alone - the highest arrest rate in 16 years. Drug offences made up about one-third of all offences in 2018. However, Mackay Crime Prevention Unit Sergeant Nigel Dalton said the increase was due to police takin a more proactive approach rather than an increase in drug-use. 'From the drug detectives' point of view, it's business as usual.'”

     Well, not exactly the meth zombie apocalypse as one headline promised, but disturbing none the less. And this sort of drug-related crime, based around the drug “ice” is so common as to be crowned an “ice epidemic’:

     Makeshift meth labs are everywhere, and this is the drug which is fuelling many home invasions. People get extremely violent and crazy while on it, raising a big issue in home protection, since we have no real right to self-defence in Australia, with no right to use weapons. Hence women get raped and old people get brutalised under our system. I have heard of some people keeping large volumes of Karl Marx and  Engel’s writings by their door, just in case, but these books would almost certainly be regarded as lethal weapons. Look how many people these books have killed. Welcome to social decay, Australian style. Not to worry, the same pattern is found right across the West, and even in Russia, with more bizarre drugs. Not in “national socialist” China though, funny that.

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Monday, 17 February 2020
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