Are YOU Ready for the Economic Crash? By John Steele

     Well, despite intense efforts, we have not changed the economy yet, and my prediction is, that even though in the longer term we will see social credit flowing over this fine land, in the short term, there will be considerable pain, chaos, and utter misery, at best.

     Part of the reason is that, using the US example, people have not yet recovered from the last global financial crisis, according to a survey at GOBankingRates:;;
In fact, 60 percent of Americans have not yet recovered from the last global financial crisis, according to survey research. Few, if any people have any sort of strategy to survive another recession, let alone the super-economic crisis, which many predict will hit this year, or early next year. It is hard to predict when, but only those who have an interest in deception pretend that it is not coming. The storm will hit with an intensity that few people who have not lived through the Great Depression, have experienced:;;

     I would with humility like to suggest to all writers at this site, no matter what your philosophical inclinations, and no matter how important you believe that your theoretical work is, to begin offering in print some useful short-term survival hints for people to begin preparing for the coming deluge. We all know that the economy needs to be transformed, but unless this is done by magic or a miracle, it takes living, breathing people to do this, and they need to have body and soul together.

     It will be necessary for many children to live with parents in a new extended family, which may not be a bad thing. Even if the family is supported on welfare, many can live cheaper than a few, so this is one unanticipated possible benefit. Trashy consumer goods will need to be dropped. Do you really need the latest mobile phone to text your so-called friends, trivial material? Do you need the fashions, if you are female? Why eat at fast food joints, when anyone can make a better burger at home with better ingredients?

     There are thousands of things that can be done to live a simpler, more wholesome life, and save money in the process. Readers who lived through the Great Depression and the war years, may be able to help here with tips for simpler, less expensive living. We are all going to need it as economic necessity moves most of us away from the consumer lifestyle. Here is some literature to get you started:;;;;



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Tuesday, 27 October 2020
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