Are the Left Satanic? By Charles Taylor

     I have an on-going fantasy about a film script where there is a cool detective in a trench coat (me, Chuck Taylor), who is investigating a series of gruesome murders. The first, would be your body in the bag murders, then the “family” murders, then the bodies in acid murders, and finally onto Washington DC conspiracies. Turns out, these murders were all part of a Satanic ritual by the ruling elites. Missing people were mostly taken and sacrificed by the global financial  elites in each city, who met in the woods to perform Satanic rituals and sacrifice, followed by cannibalism. And the ending is that the bad guys win, and sacrifice the detective in a Satanic ritual. See, this is the system!

     Anyway, there is no point writing the script because, in the West, the movie could not be produced. Back to topic, it seems that the use of Satanic masks and symbols is increasingly popular with leading Left figures, and that Satanism is on the rise.  It would not surprise me if the premise of my never-to-be-seen movie is not far from the truth. While I do not agree with everything in the links below, there is enough points made to make one think.

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Monday, 06 April 2020
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