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Apocalyptic Meditations By Paul Walker

     Here is some essential home viewing for people contemplating the coming economic collapse and the breakdown of the rule of law (police and armed forces get infected, desert their dessert in the desert, etc)

    And here is the case put that this pandemic is serious and will get worse; remember this may not be true, but we need to be wise and listen to all points of view because our side is divided on this issue for the moment, but as Willy the Shake said, “the truth will out.”

“Now, a new pandemic forecast from the University of Washington School of Medicine projects 80,000 deaths in the USA over the next four months. For the record, our own pandemic projection models (revision 3) currently say it will be sometime in May that the USA reaches 80,000 deaths, but then again, our own projections have been consistently too low. As reported by Yahoo News: The analysis warned that based on current trends, demand for [ICU beds and ventilators] would far exceed capacity for COVID-19 patients as early as the second week of April. During the epidemic peak — also set for some point in April — as many as 2,300 patients could die every day, according to the IHME models. This was the case even if the population adhered to strict social distancing measures. In other words, these numbers are already “baked in” and can’t be stopped by the social distancing lockdowns, according to researchers. They are probably correct about that point. The analysis estimated that approximately 81,000 people in the US will die from the virus over the coming four months. Estimates ranged between 38,000 and more than 160,000. It forecast that a total of 21 US states will need more ICU beds than are currently available and that 12 states may need to increase their capacity by 50 percent or more to accommodate patient needs. The surge of hospitalizations will, of course, very quickly overrun many hospitals across America, resulting in a much higher fatality rate due to a lack of front-line medical care.”

     Then there is the stacking of corpses theme to consider if one dismisses the pandemic as insignificant:

“America is about to be flooded with dead bodies from the coronavirus epidemic that’s now burning its away across the nation. With over 68,000 confirmed infections and over 1,000 confirmed deaths already in America, the nation is on track to see at least 100,000 coronavirus deaths in the coming months. NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio is now warning that half of all New Yorkers — around 4 million people — will become infected with the Wuhan coronavirus, according to the NY Post. As merely a 2% case fatality rate, that will result in an estimated 80,000 deaths in NYC alone. Via the NY Post: His health commissioner, Dr. Oxiris Barbot, said the percentage could be even worse by the fall. “We think 50 percent by the end of this epidemic, this pandemic, so by the time September rolls around likely 50 percent, but it could also be much higher,” Dr. Barbot said at the briefing. The city’s hospital system is nearing its breaking point.”

     The image of the stacking bodies should make one careful in consideration of all information and planning of survival strategies. Just ask the Italians:

“Distressing footage shows the desperate scenes at an emergency ward in Italy as trolley-bound coronavirus patients wear 'plastic bubble' helmets and gasp for air as the country's spiralling death rate soared above China's
With the Bergamo hospital's ICU completely full, medics - who are reportedly calling it 'the Apocalypse' - are seen dashing between patients amid the screech of air escaping tubes and alarms beeping trying to keep the infected alive. The bubbles, which cover the entire head and cause staff great communication difficulties, attempt to equalise the air pressure in the lungs. It comes as army vehicles have been shipped in to move dozens of coffins from the virus-hit city, which has recorded 93 deaths pushing Italy's national toll beyond China at 3,405 on Wednesday. The chronic pneumonia-like virus is killing hundreds each day in the European country with doctors warning they have seen nothing like this before and are pleading with the UK to take further steps. Hospitals across northern Italy are overwhelmed as the virus spreads out of control. Asked if Covid-19 is like the flu, Dr Roberto Cosentini, speaking to Sky News in the ward, said: "No, it's utterly another thing.””

     Time will tell if this pandemic is something, or nothing to sneeze at.



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Friday, 10 July 2020
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