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Anyone for White Genocide? By Tom North

     The EU vice president has said that immigration to Europe, primarily of Muslims is unstoppable and that no country will remain the same:

In Australia, our own globalists plan on disposing white Australians by a massive flood of Asians, some elites wanting 150 million just for starters. It is said that unless we let them in, they will invade anyway.

     Hence the urgency, especially in the light of a nuclear Asia, for Australia to get nuclear weapons of its own. We should have done this during the British nuclear test period, instead of listening to Fabian socialist Arthur Calwell (1895-1973), with his post WW II mass influx of non-Anglos, said to be for national security, but which effectively led to the  displacement Anglo-Saxon Australia. Any sane country with an ounce of pride would have acquired nuclear weapons then, but instead, we followed Calwell, who is now celebrated as the “father of multiculturalism,” and by implication, the Asianisation of Australia, who thought that magic migrants would save us:

     But, Calwell’s migrants will be defenceless against a North Korean hydrogen bomb on an ICBM, even a 100 million of them.

     It is a moot question whether Australia, Sweden or Germany is the most cucked country on Earth. Then again, some lament that Ireland is fast catching up:

     Who will win the Grim Reaper race to oblivion?



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Wednesday, 08 July 2020
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