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Antifa Plans for Revolution By John Steele

     The violence which we have seen of the antifa in American and Europe, will no doubt be replicated here in Australia. It is well known now, that antifa protestors, who break the law, get treated with kid gloves by the corrupt legal system, while those of the Right get smashed with an iron fist:

     The antifa types who assaulted people, including a pensioner, during the Pauline Hanson protests of the late 1990s, as far as I have ever been able to ascertain, got away with it. Those who have smashed up offices and damaged property, never have been charged, or if charged, imprisoned. Yet, we need only put one hair out of line, and whack!

     The young wolves seem to go through an antifa cycle, before replacing their globalist liberal parents in ruling, so it only stands to reason that mummy and daddy elite would not want their little precious going to jail with, well, the real proletariat.

     This is a good article documenting the preparations for war that the antifa in America are making:

“One of the reasons they are so influential, Crowder explains, is their broad support base on the Left. “Antifa is in a PR battle, so what they claim and what they do is very different,” says Crowder.  But behind the scenes, they are organizing and planning — as his undercover operatives found out firsthand — to enact violence.
Despite some politicians and celebrities on the left publicly distancing themselves after Antifa’s egregious acts of violence became too politically toxic to openly endorse, Crowder notes, “Antifa has never operated alone.  They’ve been actively supported by professors and other leftists and student organizations.”  Crowder provides the example of current Utah State faculty members who “encouraged and emboldened students to disrupt the Ben Shapiro event and create chaos.”

    The media were not interested in antifa’s plans for violence, the video concludes, perhaps because, their little darlings were the ones in the Leftoid training ground:



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Tuesday, 26 May 2020
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