Anti-Racism Can be Racist Too, in the Endless Catch 22 By Brian Simpson

     Whites may hate their pale sin, sorry, skin,  lashing out at themselves with machetes, well only the Left, lashing out at the Right. How crazy are white people always hating themselves? But Asians are more sensible and love their skin whitening creams, because light skin is valued in Asia, go sue them if you like. Taking away these creams away is “racist”:

“Skin whitening products are popular in Asia and the Middle East, where pale skin is considered desirable by many. Johnson & Johnson’s announcement it will withdraw a skin-whitening line, prompted by the current debate about racial inequality, has had a mixed reaction in Asia. Johnson & Johnson has decided to stop selling skin-whitening creams popular in Asia and the Middle East, after such products have come under renewed social pressure in recent weeks amid a global debate about racial inequality. The company will stop selling its Clean & Clear fairness line of products, sold in India, a spokeswoman told Reuters. It was reported earlier this month that it would drop its Neutrogena Fine Fairness line, available in Asia and the Middle East. Reactions to Johnson & Johnson’s decision on social media ranged from the incredulous to the supportive. “Pure racism and sexism towards Asian women. Our rights as [an] ethnic minority are being infringed [upon],” wrote a commenter based in Hong Kong. “Her body her choice,” wrote a social media user on Twitter, while another said: “A disgrace. If people want to buy them, they have a right to do it.”

     Never mind, other companies will continue to produce and sell the creams, not suffering from the same level of wokeness.



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Friday, 18 September 2020
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