Another Day; Another Race Riot By James Reed

     After a while one becomes uncomfortable numb to all of this, and sits back watching the inevitable outcome of diversity, diversifying.  This is the second time I have typed this essay. The first-time, the Word document simply closed down and my “save” did not save. That is because Word too is diverse, and diversifying. In fact, isn’t Word a good symbol of the multicult society, with all of its complexities, problems and evolution? Would Word 2000,000,000 have all of the bugs out?

“A witness to violent brawls between two groups in Melbourne's CBD has described how teenage Pacific Islander girls beat up African boys in chaotic scenes. Events planner Blagoja Stajkojic was on his way home from the Moomba Festival with friends when he came across a tense stand-off between two opposing groups. The Melbourne man claimed 100 African youths had staked their territory on the steps of Flinders Street Station and were playing rap music while a group of Pacific Islanders stood nearby. 'It was all really territorial. The Islanders were on the steps of Federation Square and groups of them just kept getting closer and closer. I could tell something was about to happen,' he told Daily Mail Australia. Mr Stajkojic, who managed to snap a photo of the two 'gangs' squaring up against each other, claimed things kicked off after glass bottles were thrown. He said there was only one winner in the crazed fighting, which rolled on for about three hours as dozens of riot squad officers roamed the city. 'Pound for pound the Pacific Islanders dominated the Africans. They were just bigger guys - three African guys got knocked unconscious,' he said. He also revealed the Pacific Islander girls were beating up the male African youths as well as their female adversaries, none of whom looked over the age of 18.”

     Who can deny that our culture is enriched? Clearly Australia needs at least 20 trillion more migrants, from other galaxies if possible. There can never be too much of a good thing.



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Friday, 05 March 2021
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